Another Disney Character Gets the Combat Treatment with Nine Line Apparel

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Nine Line Apparel is a proud company that offers a wide range of clothing. According to their website, that embodies “true American values”. Their apparel is not just about style; it’s a statement of unwavering patriotism. Whether shoppers are veterans, patriotic Americans, or someone who values quality clothing with a purpose, they have something for everyone.

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With tons of new arrivals to their classic collections, each piece is carefully designed to reflect the relentless spirit of our nation’s heroes. Their founder, Tyler Merritt, a veteran himself, leads the way in creating clothing that looks great and supports charitable initiatives for military charities and disaster relief efforts. According to their website: “Founded and operated by Veterans, Nine Line is determined to continue to answer the nation’s call to ensure the survival of liberty and prevent the deterioration of American Values. We are dedicated to reviving American manufacturing and the jobs they generate – setting the example for others to follow. As a lifestyle brand, Nine Line creates products that symbolize the distress call echoed on the battlefield, encouraging others to be their brother’s keepers and ANSWER THE CALL.”

According to the company, when you shop at Nine Line Apparel, you are not just buying clothes; you are joining a movement of individuals who share a commitment to unity, brotherhood, and honoring our soldiers. Our selection results in high-quality products, including everything from comfortable hoodies and stylish jackets to rugged tactical pants and patriotic tank tops.

Nine Line Apparel

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Nine Line Apparel has many options for those eager to do a little, even some for Disney fans. Utilizing characters in the public domain, Nine Line Apparel has used Steamboat Willie in their designs in the past, along with the slogan, “kill your local pedophile.” However, they also have something for those Winnie the Pooh fans out there!

Accompanied by the slogan, “Stay strapped or get clapped,” referring to gunfire, this specific line portrays everyone’s favorite resident of the 100-acre woods with a smoking combat rifle.

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Winnie the Pooh entered the public domain back in 2022. We’ve seen the popular Disney character featured in horror spin-offs, and now patriotic shirts, both long sleeve and short sleeve, hoodies, hats, whiskey glasses, coffee mugs, and tumblers. Nine Line Apparel has even included the imagery on insulated beverage holders and tank tops.

The veteran-inspired company may be viewed as extreme by some, as the promotion of violence in their apparel may make some individuals uncomfortable. However, they remain extremely popular among veterans, first responders, and military service members.

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