After Disney’s Massive Epic Games Deal, Is Mickey Mouse Coming to Fortnite?

After Disney's Massive Epic Games Deal, Is Mickey Mouse Coming to Fortnite?
Credit: Disney/ Bing AI

Fortnite, the massively popular online Battle Royale game owned by Epic Games, has officially entered into a $1.5 billion partnership with Disney.

is mickey mouse coming to fortnite

Credit: Walt Disney Company/ Epic Games

In a move that swayed the market, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced last week during a first-quarter earnings meeting that The Walt Disney Company would expand their professional business model to include a joint venture for sports streaming and invest in a working relationship with Epic Games.

For those unfamiliar, since 2018, Fortnite, the cornerstone of Epic Games, has been one of the most popular video games out there. Free to download, players log into a massive online community of players to compete to be the last one standing.

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Finding success from online video game YouTubers, Fornite has evolved its game to keep players logged in. Although they typically offer unique “skin” or cosmetics to utilize, they’ve begun relying heavily on collaborative efforts with other popular properties and games.

Most recently, Fortnite introduced a LEGO mode to their popular game service. Being no stranger to collabs, we’ve seen exciting characters such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michael Myers, and even Jack Skellington make their way into the game.

Jack Skellington Epic Games Fortnite

Credit: Disney/ Epic Games

Fortnite has also done huge collaborations with Marvel and Star Wars in the past. However, this new deal will not only ignite plenty of Disney collaborations but also fortify Disney’s potential stake in Epic Games.

Although we’ve seen a few Disney references in the game in the past, fans are excited about the potential addition of popular Disney characters like Woody, Elsa, and more. However, nothing screams “Disney” more than Mickey Mouse. So, fans want to know, “Is Mickey Mouse coming to Fortnite?”

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Mickey Mouse coming to Fortnite would be a groundbreaking move that would gaming fans. The iconic Mickey Mouse making his grand entrance into the Fortnite universe would certainly rival some recent additions like Peter Griffin.

The partnership between Epic Games and Disney is set to create unparalleled excitement among players and fans of both realms, marking a monumental moment in gaming history, and nothing says collaboration better than Mickey Mouse coming to Fortnite.

is mickey mouse coming to fortnite

Credit: Epic Games/ Disney

With this epic collaboration, players could anticipate experiencing the magic of Disney firsthand within Fortnite’s dynamic and ever-evolving world. Mickey Mouse, alongside other beloved Disney characters, would be poised to bring a new level of enchantment and adventure to the gameplay, promising an immersive experience like never before.

However, there is a problem. The Walt Disney Company is notably extremely protective of each and every Disney character, and allowing Mickey Mouse to run around an island, shooting guns, and emoting after eliminating other players probably isn’t what Disney has in mind with this collab.

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That doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t potentially see other characters like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story appear in some fashion, but it’s a tough sell to expand Mickey Mouse as a playable skin.

As fans eagerly await to see what magical worlds Epic Games and Disney build together, its safe to assume that we can expect to see Mickey Mouse in some capacity. Although Fortnite’s bread and butter is its Battle Royale, it’s likely that as Epic Games is heavily focused on alternative game modes, this is the way Mickey Mouse will make his way to Fortnite.

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