A Villainous Serenade: Ernesto de la Cruz joins Halloween Party Line Up

Ernesto de la Cruz
Credit: Scott Gustin

“You’re joking! You’re joking! I can’t believe my eyes!”

 Coco badie Ernesto de la Cruz has joined the lineup at Disneyland’s Oogie Boogie Bash! Even more exciting, this is a musical meet and greet! Ernesto will serenade guests with his (stolen) hit song “Remember Me.” This meet and greet will be exclusive to Disneyland’s Halloween party and won’t be available during regular park hours. Check out the video below: 

Guest reactions were overwhelmingly positive to this addition. One guest even went as far as saying it would be worth paying extra just to see this: 

Ernesto de la Cruz

Credit: Twitter/@disneywithgrogu

Other guests lamented that Walt Disney World has taken several Halloween party meet and greets away while Disneyland has added an incredible experience: 

Ernesto de la Cruz

Credit: Twitter/@klf3681 & @gaygeek1982

We are so excited to see such a dynamic villain join the ranks at the Ogie Boogie Bash. While characters (like Oogie Boogie) are bad to the bone baddies that we just love to hate, complex villains like de la Cruz and Frozen’s Hans keep us guessing until the very end. On the surface, they are hard to hate but truly bad to the bone. 

Coco was one of Pixar’s most inventive movies in recent years. The vivid imagery and rich heritage made it an instant fan favorite. The film takes young Miguel on a journey to the Land of the Dead to find Ernesto de land Cruz who he believes to be one of his ancestors. What makes it even more interesting is that de la Cruz was based on not one but two real-life people! Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete were the Frank Sinatra’s of Mexico back in their day. When Benjamin Bratt, who voiced de la Cruz, was searching for inspiration, the film’s producers pointed him in their direction. While they weren’t the villain de la Cruz is, Bratt described the two singers as “Gentlemen who were as well known for their beautiful singing ability as they were for their star-making roles in films.” fun fact: they both make a cameo appearance in the film! 

Ernesto de la Cruz

Credit: Pixar

Can’t get enough Coco? Be sure to stay tuned right here for live coverage of the D23 Fan Expo, where we expect Coco (and more) will make an appearance! 


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