A trio of toddlers totally titillated and tickled, taking turns twisting at the teacups

If you’re a Disney fan and you have children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, you no doubt know the happiness that comes from sharing a bit of Disney magic with little ones. Their faces light up. Their jaws hit the floor. And their smiles spread from ear to ear.

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And then there’s that contagious, uncontrollable laughter–the one you hear when little ones experience the magic of Disney for the first time and truly take it in, one imaginative moment at a time.

That’s exactly what happens in a video made by a young Mom and Dad who watch as their trio of toddlers experiences the teacups ride at Disney World for the first time.

Credit: The Rhoads Family video

The Rhoads family–Mom, Dad, and three toddlers–headed to the Walt Disney World Resort, where the youngest three of the family got to experience the thrill of a classic attraction, the Mad Tea Party Teacups ride, for the very first time.

You can watch the video of the darling little girls lost in the spinning and twirling of the teacups by clicking here.

It was a simple pleasure, really, and hardly newsworthy we suppose: one forever memorialized on video so the family could remember and relive the adventure for years to come. The video begins with the little girls and their mother are already seated in the ride vehicle, as the little girls’ mother asks each of them whether they want to go fast or go slow, to which each had a slightly different answer. The daughter in the middle can’t seem to make up her mind.

Credit: The Rhoads Family video

And then the operator starts the ride, and as the spinning of the cups begins, the camera begins to sway as well, moving backward and forward, as Mom moves in a circular motion inside the teacup herself.

The little girls begin to smile as if their uncertainty vanishes, and soon, their smiles run wide across their little faces. By the end of the video, it’s easy to see that neither Mickey Mouse, nor their favorite Disney Princesses, nor their favorite Disney Parks ice cream could make them happier at that very moment.

Credit: The Rhoads Family video

The Alice in Wonderland-themed classic attraction inside Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort is one that many consider a staple of their visit to Magic Kingdom Park, much like, say, seeing Cinderella Castle would be. Though it isn’t a dark ride, a boat ride, or a thrill ride, you can’t meet any Disney characters during the experience, and it features no animatronics, many Guests experience the classic ride every time they step foot on Disney property.

Credit: The Rhoads Family video

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And unlike a roller coaster in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, a thrilling ride in Adventureland or a Star Wars-themed attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at which a height requirement might keep some from being able to experience Disney magic, the adventure of the teacups attraction is one for everyone in the family.

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A version of the teacups classic attraction can also be found at the original Disneyland Park, though Guests at the Happiest Place on Earth get to experience the spinning ride outdoors in an open-air setting.

Walt Disney on teacups

Credit: Disney

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As their little voices erupt in laughter, you can tell instantly two things: that the girls love the Mad Tea Party Teacups attraction at Walt Disney World, and that the girls and their mother (with Dad watching from the sidelines at the exit) were making a memory that day at Magic Kingdom that they won’t soon forget!


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