A Tiny “Life Sized” Tinker Bell Has Made Her Debut!

Tink tiny
Credit: Disney and @glitterandlazers on TikTok

Tinker Bell is one of the most famous Disney characters of all time. She is loved for her sassy sense of humor and her adorable personality. When Guests normally meet her in the Park, she is human-sized, but now, Disney Imagineers have just unveiled a new way of meeting Tinker Bell in her proper, teeny-tiny form.

Tinkerbell Peter Pan

Guests Meet and Interview With Teeny-Tiny Tink

Disney Fans first got to know Tinker Bell when she made her appearance in the 1953 film Peter Pan by Walt Disney Animation. The tiny fairy became a huge part of the Disney universe, and her attitude and appearance were very popular amongst fans. Tink ended up getting her own Tinker Bell movie series that was set in Pixie Hollow. She was able to adapt to the times and stay popular with a whole new generation of children.

Tink is loved by people of all ages and is a very popular character to meet in the Parks. However, Disney has just revealed a way that we could meet Tinker Bell in a whole new way. At this weekend’s South By Southwest event, Disney Parks made a huge splash. They introduced some new ideas for what future character interactions in the Parks could look like. This includes an impressive new robot version of Judy Hopps from Zootopia, and a new way to meet Tinkerbelle in her original form. 

The Future of Character Interactions

The new tiny Tinker Bell meet and greet allows fans to talk to her like never before. Disney TikToker @GlitterandLazers met the fairy at SXSW and was able to interview her in real-time. The interaction is totally unique and is a more realistic experience than what currently happens in the Parks.


Interviewing tinkerbelle was the highlight of my day today. ✨ #disney #sxsw

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While no formal announcement was made as to when/if this new Disney character experience will be in the Park, many fans are really hoping they will be implemented soon. One user comments on @glitterandlazers post saying “If I saw this as a child I would actually believe there was a tiny fairy in there talking to me and it would be the most fascinating thing ever.”

It is incredible to see the ways that Walt Disney Imagineering is using technology to keep the magic alive.

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