A New Spider Man Has Been Announced

New Spider man series
Credit: Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures

It’s official- we are getting a new Spider-Man series.

Everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be getting a new show on Amazon Prime Video. Spider-Man is undeniably one of the world’s favorite and most popular superheroes. Whether it be the Marvel Studios franchise that starts Tom Holland, or the Academy Award-winning movie Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, the world can’t get enough of Peter Parker. Fans may be surprised to know that this new Amazon series will introduce a darker and gritter Spider-Man universe. Say goodbye to the Peter Parker you know and love: this new show will be bringing a whole new perspective to Spider-Man.

Spider-Man Noir

An Older, Grittier Spider-Man

The new series, from writer and executive producer Oren Uziel, is going to be a live-action series of Spider Man Noir. Spider-Man Noir takes place in an alternate universe known as the ‘Noir Universe’. The new show will show Spider-Man as an “older grizzled superhero”. The 2009 Spider-Man Noir Marvel comic book series gives a much darker take on the superhero. The comics take place in New York City during the Great Depression. The story follows this universe’s Peter Parker after he is bitten by a spider while investigating a smuggled ring.

Peter Parker enters a venom-induced trance where he receives a vision from the spider god, who promises him power. He awakes from this trance with spider-like powers and supernatural abilities. He uses his new powers to fight crime and avenge the deaths of his uncle, Ben Parker, and his mentor, Ben Urich.

This series will be much darker and grittier than anything we have seen before. This Spider-Man is older, more vengeful, and even uses lethal force against his enemies.

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spider man noir 2

Spider-Man Noir Series Is Coming

Fans might remember Spider-Man Noir making an appearance in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. In the movie, Spider-Man Noir was voiced by actor Nicolas Cage. The movie’s producers, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Amy Pascal, will all serve as executive producers on the new Spider-Man noir series. This show is a project of Sony Pictures, which still has control of over 900 Marvel characters in the Spider-Man franchise.

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Spider Man Noir 3

As of now, there are not a lot of details about the Amazon TV show, including what it will be titled. Fans will have to wait and see what is in store for this new series of Spider-Man Noir.


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