A New Report Confirms Johnny Depp Will Return to Disney as Captain Jack Sparrow

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The world has been without a new Pirates of the Caribbean film since 2017. In what appears to be a necessary move for Disney, it appears that fans of the swashbuckling franchise, specifically those obsessed with Johnny Depp and his portrayal of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, may not have to wait much longer.

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In potentially earth-shattering news, Daniel Ritchman, and cited by World of Reel, a popular growing source for entertainment news on social media, has announced that Disney, putting aside their greivances with the Hollywood Vampires guitarist, wants Depp to return to Pirates, but in an entirely new way!

Hard Times Call for Desperate Measures, Bring on Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, an award-winning actor, has graced screens with unforgettable performances in movies such as Edward Scissorhands (1990), Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), and, of course, the Fantastic Beasts franchise, has done little work in front of the camera in recent years.

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Although the actor did appear as King Louis XV in 2023’s Jeanne Du Barry, is absence from the public since his relationship with Disney went sour over abuse allegations from Amber Heard, has been of great notice to Johnny Depp fans.

Although Depp sued Heard, ultimately winning his defamation case against his ex-wife, some feel that the evidence presented in the case, along with uncovered omitted evidence shown in the Netflix documentary Depp V Heard (2023), is enough to justify his firing from Disney as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Even though Johnny Depp won his trial with Amber Heard, the close friend of superstars like Tim Burton and Jeff Beck remained on the outs with the mega-entertainment company. However, recent box office blunders from Disney may have forced their hand in inviting Depp back to reprise his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

A New Script for Johnny Depp

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding how Disney will handle moving forward with Pirates of the Caribbean, but according to our readers, the consensus seems to be that there are no Pirates without Johnny Depp.

Considering that Craig Mazin, show creator of Chernobyl and The Last Of Us, has already teamed up with Pirates of the Caribbean veteran Ted Elliot to put together a rather weird pitch for what lies ahead for the seafaring franchise, it seems that the news from Daniel Ritchman, that Disney is approaching Johnny Depp for a new film is extremely exciting and noteworthy.

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Considering a few other statements in months past, especially one from Pirates producer and close friend to Johnny Depp, Jerry Bruckheimer, who told AP Entertainment that he was “working on” a potential Johnny Depp return to the franchise and a screenplay was being written for it it seems like Disney and Depp may be on the cusp of a plan to carry the franchise forward, despite his ugly defamation trial.

Despite a Checkered Past, Fans Want Depp to Return

The world, generally, loves Johnny Depp. Despite his eccentric exterior, it’s difficult not to. The Academy Award-winning star has provided moviegoers with unforgettable moments and noteworthy performances since his debut in 1984’s Nightmare on Elm Street.

Although Depp has been hard behind the camera, working with other Hollywood greats like Al Pacino, and despite his checkered past of abuse claims and admitted drug use, fans adore him!

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Although that infamous Johnny Depp trial encapsulated many, most fans chose to focus their attention on his ongoing efforts to be a genuinely likable person. Depp, who is no stranger to showing appreciation to his fandom, has spent a lot of his time since the defamation case giving back. Most notably he’s used his presence as Captain Jack Sparrow to memoralize a young fan who passed away from terminal illness, as well as giving an entire salary to the daughter of deceased friend and colleague, Health Ledger.

It’s for these reasons that fans absolutely adore Depp and any character he puts on the screen, and it seems that they’re now one step closer to the reality of the 21 Jump Street (1987) actor coming back in his most iconic role to date!

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Sails Onward

With the news that Disney is now ready to seek out the services of Johnny Depp, bringing him back to save their box office numbers, one may consider what the role of the Finding Neverland (2004) star looks like.

It seems that we may have our answer to that question as well. Citing Ritchman, the Hollywood Handle posted to X, formerly Twitter, that report indicate Depp will return to Pirates in a supportive role.

As Johnny Depp has gotten older since his last performance as Sparrow, the 60-year-old Willy Wonka (2005) actor was notably amiss during his last performance as Sparrow in 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales.

As Disney plans to push the multi-billion dollar franchise forward, possibly branching into mini-series and alternate stories, it makes sense that they’d need Johnny Depp to garner support for a different direction, especially if they plan to utilize fresh faces and new Pirate actors like Margot Robbie.

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Time will tell what happens, but as Depp has been quiet lately, the once cherished name, associated closely with other stars like Helena Bohman Carter, Marlon Brando, and Winona Ryder, it feels like something big is brewing, and with the latest news from Ritchman, a new experience with Jack Sparrow could be quickly approaching the horizon.

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  1. If Johnny Depp isn’t back in a major way I am not interested. I will not go see it

  2. Disney has not been doing well lately. The smart thing would be to give Johnny what he wants and make a movie that people are actually willing to pay to see!

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