“A Glitch in the Disney Matrix” Seen in the Parks

Disney glitch
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There is so much action that happens in the Disney Parks on a daily basis. Every year, millions of Guests choose Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort as their preferred places to go on vacation. Part of the reason that fans love coming back to Disney is because of how immersive the theme Parks really are. When you are at a Disney Theme Park, you truly feel that you are completely untouched by the outside world. Fans call this the “Disney Bubble.”

Disney is able to achieve the “bubble” effect by making sure that everything in the Parks runs seamlessly and stays totally immersive. One of the ways they do this is by differentiating lands to make each section of the Park feel like a totally unique place. A big part of this is having Cast Members wear costumes/uniforms that match their ride/land.

Disneyland Cast members

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Cast Member Breaks Dress Code; Causes Disney Chaos

Walt Disney World is known for its incredible attention to every detail. From the costumes of its Cast Members to the immersive experiences offered in the Parks, they have it all covered. The Disney Look, as it is known, sets a high standard for employee appearance, and any Cast Member breaking dress code rules can have major implications.

The dress code rules at the Walt Disney World Resort are important for all Cast Members. Their costumes are carefully crafted to bring beloved characters and areas to life, and deviations from those costumes can significantly impact the Guest experience. Any changes to costumes can also cause major confusion among fans.

Cast Member

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One Cast Member caused “a glitch in the Disneyland matrix” when they wore their Tomorrowland costume in a different area of the Park. This is a huge no-no, and a fan notices the mistake right away. A photo taken and uploaded to Reddit by the fan shows a security officer seemingly heading to the mis-dressed Cast Member.

A glitch in the Disneyland matrix.
by inDisneyland

Fans are calling out this Cast Member for “ruining the immersion” Disney usually provides. It looks like this Cast Member may get in some serious trouble for this mistake.

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