A Man From Pennsylvania Prepares for His Disney World Trips in the Most Unusual Way

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Everyone knows it takes a lot of planning and preparation to get ready for a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth, but one dad has taken that preparation thing to a whole other level, making him internet gold lately.

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No matter how you choose to visit Disney World, it’s always the perfect time to go. You may be a Disney fan who enjoys the solitude and 100% exclusive power over decisions that comes from visiting the parks solo. You may be at the other end of the spectrum, choosing instead to visit Disney World with your extended family alongside two or three other families from your church, your kids’ playgroups, or your circle of friends. 

And though the experiences you have during your park visit may be different, the preparation is the same, in that it is always one thing, regardless of how many are visiting with you–and that one thing is necessary. Planning ahead for your trip and preparing by having tickets purchased and park pass reservations made–as well as by making dining reservations and packing everything you’ll need–can make all the difference in the (Disney) world.

But one Dad prepares for Disney trips in a very different way–by working out in the gym and practicing all the things he’ll have to do in the parks, simply because he and his wife visit with their four young children with them.

dad and children on treadmill

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The video, initially posted on Instagram (@RachyRooandHerCrew) on January 8, has had more than 1.2 million likes since it was first posted, and more than 30,000 viewers have left comments. It shows Matt, a dad of four girls in Pennsylvania, working out in the gym. But the captions over the video tell the story of how Matt is actually training for the family’s next trip to Disney World.

In the video, Matt can be seen running on a treadmill by himself–that’s him training for those times when the family is running late for a dining reservation at a Disney World restaurant. Then in another clip, he’s got a daughter under each arm as he’s running. In another clip, he has one of his daughters on his shoulders as he trains for standing in crowds and watching a parade. In another clip, Matt is carrying his oldest daughter, training, of course, for those times in the parks when the child who’s too old to be carried demands to be carried, and resistance is futile.

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It’s hilarious, especially to those of us who’ve visited Disney World with young children in tow. If we’re honest, though, it’s not always funny when we find ourselves in those scenarios, but we can find comfort in knowing that others have been/are going through the same thing in the parks. Hey, even magical misery loves company.

Matt and his wife Rachel have four daughters, and they routinely make these videos to show how Matt is training for their next Disney trip. They intend to keep making the videos, as they have been so well received by viewers on social media.

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Singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson was so impressed by the video that she shared it on her show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. In the description for her YouTube video, she says:

“Disney World might be the happiest place on Earth, but many parents know preparation is key! Pennsylvania dad Matt recently went viral on TikTok for his hilarious “Dad’s Training For Disney” videos, where he shows the perfect form for weaving through crowds with a stroller and carrying your kids out of the park while they’re sleeping. Matt and his wife Rachel dial in and share why they think their videos are so relatable and how they’re continuing the series with more helpful training techniques.”

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