You’ve Been Warned: Bob Iger Sets Date for Disney+ Password Sharing Crackdown

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Consider this your warning in advance…

Beginning shortly, Disney+, the popular streaming service, is gearing up to take action against password sharing. This move is part of their effort to enforce tighter security measures and ensure that users are abiding by the platform’s terms of use. By cracking down on password sharing, Disney+ aims to uphold the integrity of its subscriber agreements and increase revenue from new subscribers.

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Disney Plus password crackdown

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Disney CEO Discusses Disney Plus Password Sharing

Since the streaming platform first became popular, password sharing has been a popular practice. While many consider sharing a password to be harmless, streaming platforms see it as a massive loss in revenue. Last year, Netflix made the controversial decision to ban password sharing, and while many customers were not happy, the plan was a huge success from a monetary standpoint, with over 22 million new subscribers gained after the ban. Now, many other streaming platforms, including Disney+, plan to follow Netflix’s path.

In a recent interview, Disney CEO Bob Iger laid out the plan for the Disney+ password-sharing crackdown. Iger explained that password sharing will be banned starting in June and should be rolled out worldwide in September. He said:

“In June we’ll be launching our first real foray into password sharing,” Iger said, adding that it will take place in “just a few countries in a few markets, but then it will grow significantly with a full rollout in September.”

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How This Will Effect Streamers

This stricter approach is in line with the evolving landscape of online streaming services, where account sharing has become a standard but contentious practice. Disney’s decision to clamp down on password sharing reflects a broader industry trend towards safeguarding user accounts and limiting this practice. As the streaming market continues to expand and competition heats up, maintaining a secure and fair environment for subscribers is paramount for Disney+ and other platforms alike.

While Disney Plus password sharing may be lost, there are certainly exciting things happening on Disney+ that should make people choose to stick around. Iger has worked diligently to try to boost the platform into the top tier of streaming worldwide, and this push will hopefully make it a competitor with Netflix and HBO Max.

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For now, only time will tell if this strategic move by Disney will have a negative or positive impact on the number of Disney subscribers.

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