You Won’t Believe Where We Found Bob Chapek!

Bob Chapek
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Ah social media! It encompasses the best of us…and the worst of us! What many would rather reserve for simply keeping up with friends and family, others see as a tool to cause mayhem and confusion for amusement. That’s where the trolls come in. The internet troll is a curious beast, you can love them or hate them but it doesn’t really matter. Trolls are going to troll and there has never been better troll fodder than Bob Chapek.

bob chapek

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The former CEO of the Walt Disney Company was almost universally hated by fans and coworkers alike. News of his firing sent shockwaves through the Disney fan base and left everyone with one burning question:  where does he go next?

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Enter Jeff Shell. NBCUniversal also sent shockwaves late last week when they announced their CEO, Jeff Shell, had been terminated without warning. After an investigation found he had conducted an inappropriate relationship with a woman at work, NBCUniversal’s parent company Comcast wasted no time in showing home the door. In fact, they fired him so quickly that they hadn’t even lined up a replacement for him.

This means there’s a job opening. Disney, Universal…it doesn’t matter as long as you’re getting paid millions to colossally wreck everything, 1right Bobby boy? That’s what some Twitter users thought when they created a very convincing image showing none other than Bob Chapek as the new CEO of Disney’s fiercest competitor.

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The image is, of course, fake. Bob Chapek is not going to be the CEO of NBCUniversal. At least not anytime soon. Disney is infamous for their iron-clad non-compete agreements. Bob Chapek couldn’t move into a corner office at NBCUniversal even if they wanted him (which I’m certain they do not).

This didn’t stop many fans from believing the satirical false alarm. If there’s anything more certain on the internet that trolls, it’s people who misinterpret satire. Responses ranged from absolute disgust that  Bob Chapek “was hired at Universal” to anger at the individual who created the gag image for “fake news.” Rest assured, dear reader. We found Bob Chapek on Twitter, but not because he’d really accepted a job offer.


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