“You Had ONE JOB!” Fans Are Shaking Their Heads Over This MAJOR Mistake at Walt Disney World

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There are so many reasons that fans love the Disney Parks. Magical interactions, thrilling rides, and incredible food and drinks are just some of the reasons fans keep returning to Disney year after year. However, it is Disney’s immaculate attention to theming that really sets them apart from its competitors.

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are full of incredible details that make the Parks incredibly immersive for Guests. Die-hard Disney Resort fans love to learn and point out the small but significant nuggets of history and theming that are found all throughout the Parks. Because Disney is so great at paying attention to details, Guests are very quick to notice when something is out of place.

Shopdisney Is Celebrating 100 Days to Halloween With the Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney

What’s That Doing There?

Right now, each Disney Park is beginning to celebrate the Halloween season. Halloween at Walt Disney World is a spooktacular time of year when the magic comes alive with haunted experiences, thrilling attractions, and enchanting decorations. As one of the most popular events in the calendar, Disney World Halloween offers visitors a unique opportunity to celebrate this hauntingly delightful holiday at the most magical place on earth.

Starting yesterday, August 1, all of Walt Disney World has been filled with pumpkins and other Halloween decorations. Many of these pumpkins decorating Disney have special designs carved into them. One of the most hilarious and iconic pumpkins is the bathroom sign pumpkin that directs Guests toward the nearest restroom. This pumpkin is normally stationed in the Firehouse in Magic Kingdom Park.

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Credit: Disney

Pumpkin Error Irritates Fans

Instead of being at its normal perch, this pumpkin was placed outside City Hall. Because of this, the pumpkin was not facing toward the bathrooms.

Fans immediately noticed this Halloween time mistake and started expressing their annoyance on Twitter. One fan exclaimed;

“At this point I would like to believe that Disney is intentionally making mistakes to mess with people.”

This inconsistency comes just days after Disney’s drama with the “misplaced” hatbox ghost. Many fans feel that Disney is lacking in their consistency, something that separates them from their competitors.

Later today, on August 2, the Pumpkin was removed and placed back onto its correct perch a the Firehouse.

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We wonder what mistake fans will spot next!


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