You Can Drink Around the World Without Leaving Your Barstool

Wine bar George
Credit: Disney

Drinking around the world is a time-honored Disney tradition. People strategize and plan (and save up) for this unofficial Disney activity at EPCOT. We even wrote a handy guide about how to do it without ending up in our “Guests Behaving Badly” headlines! We love to drink around the world, but it does have its drawbacks, namely that it’s exhausting! Think I’m exaggerating? A full lap around the World Showcase is 1.2 miles. That’s not terrible, but imagine doing it while inebriated. That is slightly more challenging. Now there is a way to drink around the world without ever leaving your barstool!

Wine Bar George

Credit: Disney

Wine Bar George owner and Master Sommelier George Miliotes has curated an extensive wine list from around the world! I wanted the feeling that this is an oasis, that you were walking out of Disney and into another place, another world,” Miliotes said.”You walk in, and you feel like you’re in Napa Valley, or you’re in Tuscany, or Provence.”

Santa Carota Short Ribs

Credit: Wine Bar George

The food at this popular Disney Springs location matches the wine too. Whether you’re indulging in a sweet Tuscan Wine or a warm Saki, you’ll find a pairing to compliment.

“From an ounce of some of the finest wine in the world to quality frozen wine drinks, this first-of-a-kind wine list offers an unparalleled wine experience. Each of the wines [are] also expertly paired by our team alongside a menu that includes cheese and charcuterie, entrees, small plates, and more.” Miliotes explained.

With offerings ranging from $9-$1,000, there is something for every price point at Wine Bar George. From affordable Bulgarian wines all the way to rare French vintages, you’ll find something to suit your taste and budget.

Wine Bar George owner George Miliotes

Credit: Wine Bar George

This isn’t your stereotypical wine list, either. “Guests can enjoy wines from acclaimed and well-known wineries as well as growing regions that are up-and-coming,” Miliotes told Tasting Table. The specially curated list contains 40 varietals from 20 countries with over 200 wines to choose from, making it easy to drink around the world without breaking a sweat!





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