Is There Something In The Water? Yet Another Guest Kicked Out of Disney For Abominable Behavior

We get it. Visiting a Disney Park can be a stressful experience. Between the heat, the crowds, the lines, and the exhaustion, sometimes a bad mood can set in. That being said, there is never any excuse to act in a way that is disrespectful towards Cast Members and Security Guards that work hard to keep everyone safe and as happy as possible. Sadly, there seem to be more and more Guests yelling and screaming at Cast Members for trivial matters, and it is completely unacceptable.

Cast Member

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Recently, TikToker Jade (@jadebear67) was visiting Disneyland and saw a Guest hurling curse word after curse word at multiple security guards. The man and his party were told to leave, and that only seemed to make him more upset. You can see the shocking encounter below.

**Disclaimer: Vulgar language**


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Jade’s video quickly went viral, with people expressing complete and utter disbelief at someone acting in such a way at a location called The Happiest Place on Earth. What’s worse, the man was screaming all of the obscenities in front of his young daughter, who was crying while watching her dad behave in such a deplorable manner.

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Jade then shared screenshots of a message that she said was from the family in question. Here is what the family says happened:

Well security was way out of line. Security started giving us a hard time about parking the stroller on the side (mind u there were 4 other strollers parked there) but they insisted on us moving the stroller to where the stroller parking area is in a very rude way and security made some comments to my wife that were smart ass and my wife did say to him we will park the stroller where it belongs so ur dumbass doesn’t have a fit and security then jumped and said in a very high shaky voice “you will not talk to me like that I’m calling security to escort u out” and my wife walked away and took the stroller to the designated area and we proceeded to get back in line. We waited almost 20 minutes before they came and pulled us from the line very rudely

As we walked out the line I asked the big security what the issue was and he said let’s go to the shade and I said no let’s talk here we have waited in line for 20 minutes and he said well I want shade my body needs it so let’s go to shade

At that point of course we’re upset he pulled us from the line and wanted to do things his way. Like he had something to prove and he wouldn’t let us talk. He immediately came to us like we did something not knowing the whole story

Things escalated from there. Honestly the officers were cool it seems like security feel like a higher power. All the officers agreed with us and even asked us if we wanted to stay and we said absolutely not. We got a full refund and some back

This was a horrible experience and someone needs to do something about these entitled security guards there. 


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However, the story does not end there. Jade uploaded another video that is a text exchange with someone who claims to be a Cast Member who works at “it’s a small world”. The Cast Member said that they were present when everything happened and shared what they said is the truth. Here is what the Cast Member had to say:

hello i saw ur tiktok n i work at small world n i wanted to clarify what really happened n why security was involved if u could pls keep me anonymous tho if u decide to share lol but that family is lying lmao my lead n coworker politely asked them to park their stroller in the designated area n they were complaining saying it was too far n the husband told her to just leave it where she had it parked in front of my lead n coworker so they asked again if they could move it n they flat out said no n proceeded to call them dumbasses and b**ch ass mother f****ers which is why security was called. they were on one before security got there so maybe if they just moved their stroller instead of complaining none of this would have happened

it just bothers me theyre trying to play victim when i had to see my coworkers upset n shaken up about being disrespected like that and we dont just call security for fun they had no reason to call anyone names over a STROLLER lmao

they were like were gonna park the stroller where u dumbasses cant find it n try to walk away but my lead was like no ur not pls park it in the designated area n they started getting loud n started popping off so my lead radioed the security to come over


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When visiting Disneyland — or any Disney Park — with a stroller, please remember that Cast Members may ask you to park them in a specific area. They do this to keep everything organized. They also want to keep people safe and make sure that no other Guests trip over them or struggle to get around them. Disney has rules and regulations that they expect all Guests to follow.

Stroller Parking

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It should also be remembered that Cast Members are people too. They are simply doing their job and, even if you get frustrated, there is no reason to scream and yell at them and treat them as less than. If you have a problem with a Cast Member, you can head down to City Hall on Main Street, U.S.A., and speak to someone there who may be able to resolve your issue.

City Hall Magic Kingdom

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If you scream and yell and curse at a Cast Member, there is the possibility that you will not only be asked to leave, but Disney may ban you from returning to their Parks for a long time.

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