The Dinner Show That’s Worth Leaving Disney For

Leaving Disney for Sleuths

Don’t tell Mickey Mouse, but every now and then, we feel the need to burst the Walt Disney World Resort bubble and explore beyond the magical property line. We’ve discovered a fantastic Orlando dinner show just outside of Disney, and we can’t help but bring Disney Dining readers along with us.

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First things first! Walt Disney World is still home to our favorite dinner show… Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. The long-standing dinner show located at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is a must-do with its delicious food and high-spirited song, dance, and comedy themed around the wild west.

Sadly, Disney’s second long-standing dinner show, Spirit of Aloha, never returned after its COVID closure. Disney has since cleared the space at the Polynesian Village Resort to make way for a new, massive tower of hotel rooms.

So, now with only one show on Disney property… we ventured into Orlando to see what we could find. And roughly 15 minutes away from Disney’s gates, we struck gold. If you’re into comedy and mystery, it’s time to check out Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows located at ICON Park.

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What to Expect

We honestly weren’t sure what to expect for our first visit to Sleuths, but we can honestly say we were pleasantly surprised!

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows allow Guests to join together for a delicious meal and become detectives to solve an enticing crime. Much like a “Who Done It?” experience, in its entirety, the dinner show is 2 1/2 hours long as Guests gather around tables to eat and watch the skit unfold on stage.

The comedy mystery is acted out by several talented (and hilarious) stage performers. Not only do the performers take to the stage, but several of them walk around to greet Guests and answer questions that may be clues to solving the mystery.

Eat and Drink

While making dining reservations, Guests are asked to make their meal selections from a menu that includes options such as BBQ Chicken, Four Cheese Lasagna, Prime Rib Dinner, Veggie Meal, and a Kid’s Meal. Additionally, Guests receive salad and dinner rolls. A “mystery dessert” is the icing on the cake.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show
Credit: Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows

The drinks are plentiful, with unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks that the servers generously kept on bringing out when a glass got low.

Live Interrogation

After the mystery skit is performed and dinner has been enjoyed, each table gets to ask a question in an attempt to gather additional clues. The actors use impressive improvisational comedy, and we loved how quick they were with the responses to the questions.

Sleuths even provides a Cast sheet and notes section so Guests can jot down any clues that may be spotted before, during, and even after dinner.

Finally, Guests are asked to make their final guesses on who the criminal may be! Will you guess right?

Multiple Shows

While we personally attended the “Lord Mansfield’s Foxhunt Banquet,” there are several shows to choose from that are available on select nights. Shows vary depending on dates, with some shows drawing in larger crowds than others. Additionally, locals can get an Annual Pass to see them all as they change regularly.

Family-Friendly (well, mostly)

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows
Credit: Sleuths

We attended Sleuths with a 7-year-old and a 14-year-old. Both kids LOVED the show and the food. The show is rated PG and doesn’t contain any graphic violence, inappropriate language, or nudity. There are, however, a few sexual innuendoes that our kids didn’t pick up on.

Overall, we felt comfortable with our kids at the table. The kids compared the experience to a live-action Clue game, and one of our kids was even picked to reveal the criminal.


We took advantage of special winter pricing, which was $62.95 (plus tax) for adults and $29.95 (plus tax) for children. Standard 2023 pricing is $65.95 per adult. As mentioned above, there is also an Annual Pass option available for $245 for adults, which provides admission to four shows within a 12-month window.

There are also special VIP options that allow Guests to spend $20 more per person for front and center seating. With this said, we don’t feel like there was a bad seat in the house. We also saw some larger groups seated together, including a family reunion and corporate gathering.


There were only a few cons during our Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show experience. Parking was tricky as ICON Park is a popular place, especially in the evening. Guests can pay to park close by or park for free in the large neighboring parking garage.

Additionally, we arrived not knowing that parties would be seated together. Thankfully, our party of six was seated with a sweet couple that was fun to talk through the clues with. For first-timers, don’t be surprised to arrive at your table and find others seated with you.

We’ll Be Back!

While we typically prefer to stay on Walt Disney World property during a Disney vacation, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows was a great way to break out of the bubble for light-hearted fun and laughs. If you like comedy, mystery, and a great meal, put Sleuths on your next must-do while in Orlando. Check out all the details and book a Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show here.

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