Least Favorite Snack Food at Walt Disney World

Unlike the vast majority of theme parks out there, the Disney World parks are known for their amazing food. Not only that, the Hotel Resorts on property also have a ton of amazing options. In fact, there are some guests who visit Disney year after year just to get fan favorites like Dole Whip, Tonga Toast, and School Bread. Unfortunately, not every food that Disney serves up is fantastic. They’ve offered some seriously bad seasonal items over the years, such as the Pumpkin Pretzel that was offered in Animal Kingdom one fall, and the Ursula Cupcake, a disgusting, bubble gum-flavored cupcake that was sold in Epcot for a moment. Fortunately, most of these items come and go, meaning the vast majority of visitors never even know they exist. The real crime, therefore, are those bad snack foods that somehow manage to stick around. Many of these are found in multiple places in multiple parks. Some are terrible to eat, others are just a horrible ripoff, but either way, we don’t recommend getting them. Wondering which items these are so you too can avoid them? The list below will help you be well prepared to skip the worst snacks in Disney.


1. Blue and Green Milk

Star Wars fanatics might love the idea of actually trying some blue or green milk, and the presentation is pretty fun. Unfortunately, the stuff just isn’t good. It’s way sweeter than it has any right to be, and the thick and creamy consistency often leads to a bellyache when spending time in the hot Florida sun. On top of all that, these beverages are sold for a full $8 a cup, making this one of the most expensive non-alcoholic drinks you’ll ever buy.

Blue Milk and Green Milk at the Milk Stand

2. Beverly

Speaking of disgusting beverages, who remembers Beverly? Disney fanatics who were able to visit anytime before September of 2019 likely spent some time in Club Cool at Epcot, trying sodas from around the world. The most unlucky of these visitors probably tried the Beverly there. This German beverage is a carbonated soda that is meant to taste something like beer, but contains no alcohol. It’s bitter and downright offensive. Unfortunately, Club Cool closed in September of 2019, meaning we could no longer trick our friends into trying this horrible soda. That said, the Coca-Cola Store in Disney Springs does still sell the stuff, so if you really dislike someone, you can still pay money to offend their palate with a gulp of Beverly. On top of that, Disney has announced a revitalized Club Cool will return to EPCOT. We can’t but wonder if Beverly will make a return!

3. Turkey Legs

Okay, I’m probably going to catch a lot of flack for this one, but I just don’t understand it. The turkey legs at Disney smell good enough, and they actually are good for the first bite or two. However, after a couple of bites, I’m just done. The meat is incredibly salty, making me even more thirsty than I already tend to be when visiting Disney, and causing me to be finished way before the leg is gone. On top of that, a huge (and expensive) hunk of meat being carried around the park and gnawed on for who knows how long is just disgusting in my opinion.

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4. Churros

This is another one that I’ll probably get chewed out for, but hear me out. It isn’t that I don’t like Disney World churros. I mean, who wouldn’t like a piece of fried bread covered in cinnamon and sugar? The issue I have with this snack is the size of the thing versus how much Disney charges for it. The treat is barely big enough to satisfy a sweet tooth and costs as much as a much more filling snack, making it an incredibly poor value in my book.

5. Caramel Apples

Another item that is a poor value? The caramel apples featured in the various confectionaries on property. These apples are gorgeous, and they don’t taste bad, really. However, they are very, very difficult to eat, especially when attempting to do so quickly between rides. Of course, they also melt, meaning leaving them behind between attractions also isn’t a great option. As a cherry on top, these apples cost over $10 each, and I don’t think they taste good enough for that kind of price tag.

6. Bagged Chips

I don’t understand why anyone would purchase bagged chips in the Disney parks. I’m not talking about exclusive Disney-made chips. No, we’re talking Lay’s potato chips and Doritos. If you want these types of snacks while in Disney, buy them at the grocery store and bring them with you, or have them delivered to your hotel. You’ll save a ton of money, get exactly the same product, and will likely get even more chips to boot.

7. Marshmallow Wands

Marshmallow wands can be found in several places in all of the parks. They’re just what you might imagine: shaped marshmallows on sticks. Some are covered in white or dark chocolate, while others are covered in colored sugar. All of them are sickeningly sweet and 100% not worth buying. We get it, kids like sweet things, but marshmallow wands are small, too expensive, too sweet, and not worth buying. If you must buy a sweet treat on a stick for your little one, turn to cake pops. These have much better flavor.

8. Cotton Candy

While we’re talking about sickeningly sweet things, let’s take a moment to discuss cotton candy. This classic treat is available at popcorn carts throughout the resort and is not what we would choose as a snack. As you likely know, cotton candy is pure sugar. It is in no way filling, too quickly eaten, and far from satisfying. Besides, you can get cotton candy almost anywhere. If you really want cotton candy, head to Epcot’s China Pavilion to see if you can snag an artisan cotton candy. At least those look pretty.

9. Pizza

Lastly, we must mention Disney quick-service pizza. This stuff is just gross. The crust is tasteless, the sauce doesn’t have any zing, and the cheese is greasy. We’ve tried it multiple times over the years, hoping it would get better, and we’re disappointed every single time. Fortunately, we’ve seen fewer and fewer pizza offerings at Disney’s quick-service restaurants, but if you do happen to come across counter-service pizza, we recommend skipping it. (Note: This does not apply to the more upper-scale and quite delicious pizza offerings you can find in the parks, like Via Napoli in Epcot’s Italy Pavilion.)

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