Guests Cleared Out as World of Disney Floods!

World of Disney floods Disneyland
Credit: Disney/Caryme TikTok

One of the great things about the Disneyland Resort being located in Southern California is that rain is not typically a concern. It is quite the opposite in Orlando, Florida, where Walt Disney World Resort is located. Many who visit Disney World know that hurricane season runs from June through November. That means that nearly every single day, at least some rain can be expected.

Disney World Storm

Credit: Disney Dining

Southern California, on the other hand, typically gets around just 14 inches of rainfall PER YEAR. That means that the area does not handle heavy rainfall as well as its Central Florida counterpart.

Recently, Southern California has experienced some truly wild weather. Temperatures have been low and rain has been coming more often than it typically does. There was even a hurricane that hit the area back in August.

And some Disneyland Resort cast members came face to face with just how unprepared one retail location was to handle the downpour.

Disneyland at night

Credit: Steven Lozano, Unsplash

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TikToker Caryme (@koreamae) recently visited The Happiest Place on Earth when some wet weather hit the area. They ventured into World of Disney — the massive Disney store located in Downtown Disney — and saw something completely unexpected.

Water was pouring in from the ceiling! Merchandise had been hastily removed from the shelves and guests were kept from the area as cast members worked to keep the flooding from getting worse.


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Commenters were shocked by what they saw, with some hoping that the rain didn’t return because of the upcoming Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts Nite events.

Others noticed that, at the end of the video, and hand began to come into the frame. According to Caryme, a cast member who was a manager at the store tried to prevent people from filming what was happening. However, according to the OP, another cast member was also filming the watery mess.

World of Disney Disneyland

Credit: Disney

It should be noted, that oftentimes, people have no idea that there is a leak in their ceiling until there is a severe rainstorm, due to how little rain comes to the area.

Thankfully, it looks like Disney quickly took care of the area, and everything is dried up and back to normal. Guests reported that World of Disney is fully operational, with no hint of prior flooding.

What is the worst flooding you have seen at a Disney park? Let us know in the comments!

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