Disney Event Labeled a ‘Disaster’: Shoulder-to-Shoulder Crowds Have Fans Regretting Their Ticket Purchase

Disneyland Sweethearts' NIte
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Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks guest experience. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Disney Dining’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite, the highly-anticipated evening event at Disneyland Resort, is now in full swing, enchanting Disneyland Park visitors with its whimsical atmosphere and romantic ambiance.

However, amidst the enchantment, some fans have expressed their disappointment and frustration over the unexpectedly large crowds that have gathered for certain attractions and experiences during the event. As whispers of discontent ripple through the park, fingers are now being pointed at Disney, with many fans voicing their concerns about ticket overselling.

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Credit: Disney

Romantic Event Returns, but Fans Aren’t Overjoyed

For devoted Disney enthusiasts, the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical realm of Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite is a dream come true. With its enchanting blend of romance, nostalgia, and entertainment, this beloved after-hours event has captured the hearts of countless guests.

The opportunity to enjoy Disney with iconic Disney couples makes the Disneyland Sweethearts Night a dream for many theme park fans. However, in recent times, some loyal fans have found themselves facing unexpected challenges while trying to savor the delights of Disneyland during this special occasion.

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The issue at hand revolves around the sheer magnitude of attendees present at certain attractions and areas during Sweethearts’ Nite. As the event has grown in popularity over the years, it seems that the crowds have also swelled to unprecedented levels, leading to a less-than-optimal experience for some guests. Some disgruntled fans have begun pointing fingers at Disney for what they perceive as overselling tickets.

These disappointed fans argue that overselling tickets to Disneyland After Dark: Sweethearts’ Nite has resulted in overcrowding, excessively long wait times for certain attractions, and a diluted sense of intimacy that the event aims to provide. They feel that the sheer volume of attendees has diminished the romantic ambiance and unique charm that Sweethearts’ Nite is renowned for.

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Instead of enjoying leisurely strolls down Main Street, U.S.A., hand-in-hand with their loved ones, some guests have found themselves navigating through a sea of people.


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How to Avoid the Mayhem at Disneyland’s Sweethearts’ Nite

In light of these concerns, it is important to acknowledge that managing the attendance for such popular events can be a delicate balancing act. Disney faces the challenge of catering to the high demand for Sweethearts’ Nite while ensuring that the experience remains intimate and enjoyable for all guests.

While it is possible that ticket overselling may have contributed to the crowded conditions during the event, it is equally important to consider other factors at play, such as the ever-increasing popularity of Disneyland Resort and the allure of its enchanting after-dark festivities.

There are some ways that fans can avoid feeling overwhelmed at this event. According to guests who have attended the first two nights, the most popular attractions are the photo opportunities and the Royal Ball. If you don’t want crowds, it may be best to skip these attractions and photo ops or get them done as early as possible.

Disneyland After Dark Sweethearts Nite

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Wait times for rides were reportedly still very low, which is great news to hear, especially if you are looking to maximize your Disney vacation. As long as you are patient and plan ahead, this Disneyland Sweethearts event will surely still have magic to experience!

If this event isn’t your thing, other events like Star Wars Nite, Disney Channel Nite, and Pride Nite are also coming up for you to enjoy.

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  1. We went to the after hrs Xmas party in 2021…worse Dosmey trip ever. I knw Xmas is a busy time but it was a nightmare getting in & out & shoulder to shoulder. We took the train over & pulling up at MK I sd to my daughter OMG, why did we do this. I thk Disney uses these special events to make up for slow sales thru out the yesr. However it wld be nicer to keep families wanting to experience it again instead of saying never again.

  2. I agree, Sweethearts Night was a huge disappointment. The parks are already overcrowded every day, which seriously diminishes the experience. Fighting a sea of people everywhere you go is not enjoyable. We thought this event would be a nice change of pace, but it was still crowded, and the lines for popular attractions were still upward of 30 minutes. Wasn’t worth the high price point for 5 hours of madness.