Woman Regularly “Dies” and Meets WALT DISNEY and JESUS Multiple Times a Month

Walt Disney and Beverley Gilmour
Credit: Beverley Gilmour and Disney

The human brain is truly a fascinating and confusing thing.

A woman who suffers from brain trauma has reported some highly unique experiences. Beverley Gilmour, who is 57, has been suffering from brain trauma since her 20’s. Her traumatic brain injury has caused her to have intense, out-of-body experiences with some of history’s most important historical figures. Gilmour has spoken out about her personal relationship with two figures in particular, Jesus Christ and Walt Disney, who come and speak to her when she falls into a coma-like state. These episodes have happened multiple times a week for decades, and now Gilmour claims to have a close relationship with these men.

Hologram of walt disney

Credit: Good Morning America and Disney

Woman With Brain Trauma Shares Unbelievable Story

Gilmour’s episodes begin when she feels her body begin to shut down on “die.” After this happens, she feels her soul leave her body and travel to places where she speaks to the deceased. According to Gilmour, these occurrences happen on a semi-regular basis every month. For a long time, doctors have not been sure what is happening to Gilmour. Researchers from the Coma Science Group at the University of Liège have been working with Gilmour to understand the situation better.

What is truly miraculous about her case is that she is able to have such descriptive memories from her coma-like shut-downs. Even though she is not religious herself, Ms Gilmour claims that she has established a close and personal relationship with Jesus over the years. Interestingly enough, the other major figure she established a relationship with is Walt Disney.

Beverley Gilmour

Credit: Beverley Gilmour

In an interview with Daily Mail, Gilmour explains what it was like meeting Walt Disney for the first time. She says;

“He was showing stories when I met him. There was an amazing building, and the wood felt alive and well-preserved. When I came back, I would go back into a trance and write down his stories and draw pictures of everything he has shown me. ”

“He showed me these characters, and I became one of his characters and lived out one of his stories. I would sit and listen to him, and he would appear with these characters, and he would tell me the names of these characters and their personalities and what they did in life, where they came from, and their origins.”

roy and walt disney holding newspaper

Credit: Walt Disney Hometown Museum

This situation is very peculiar but also fascinating from a neurological standpoint. For now, Gilmour lives out her life with her three children as researchers continue to investigate her unusual experiences.

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