Woke-Opposition Boycotts Disney Over “Pronoun Pin” Controversy

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Has Disney introduced pronouns to their Cast Member’s nametags?

Many Americans with more conservative ideals are opposing Disney’s new alleged policy, which allegedly allows Cast Members to display their pronouns on their Cast Member name tags. These conservative individuals argue that this initiative is a manifestation of “political correctness” and claim that it is unnecessary for Cast Members to openly share their pronouns.

Other supporters recognize that Disney’s pronoun pins for Cast Members serve a significant purpose in promoting inclusivity and creating a more welcoming environment for all guests.

The truth, however, reveals that neither party is entirely in the right.

EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays

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Pronoun Pin Debacle Gains Traction Online

Earlier this week, Daily Caller reported that a new policy had been implemented within Disney’s janitorial staff that allowed employees to add pronouns to their name tags. By wearing pronoun pins, Cast Members at Disney theme parks have the opportunity to express their gender identity and preferred pronouns. This small gesture holds immense value for individuals who may not fall into traditional gender norms or who are transgender, as it allows them to feel seen, respected, and affirmed in their identities.

Strange enough, these pronoun pins apparently are designed as trash cans. While the rash cans at Disney are undoubtedly iconic, this seems a little bit strange. According to the article, these pins have begun rollout in EPCOT.

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However, not all guests believe that this kind of initiative is appropriate for a children’s theme park. Critics argue that such displays of pronouns are unnecessary, claiming that gender identity should remain a private matter. It is crucial to understand that the pronoun pins are entirely optional, and Cast Members are not obligated to wear them if they do not feel comfortable doing so. Still, many fans are opposing this initiative.

In fact, rumors of numerous boycotts have even spread around the Disney community.

Is Disney Facing Another Boycott?

Many people have taken to the X app to share their disappointment with this new policy.

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Some fans even feel so disturbed that they wish to boycott the Walt Disney Company entirely. However, there is an important piece to this puzzle that is being overlooked by both sides.

Besides the miscellaneous interviews from Cast Members to the Dailey Caller, there has been no announcement by Disney regarding this initiative. In fact, the oldest article on this subject is posted by Mousetrap News, a satirical Disney news website.

As far as we know, there is no legitimacy to these pronoun trash can pin claims. Starting a boycott over such an issue would be jumping the gun in larger terms. As always, it is essential to remember to that no news should be taken seriously unless it has been sourced back to Disney.

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  1. If Disney decides to do this (as it’s not certain that this is even real), I applaud them. Make the pins available to all CMs on a voluntary basis. I love that Disney is becoming more openly inclusive with regard to the CMs. If whiny so-called conservatives want to boycott the parks, great. More room for me.

    • people go do Disney land to have fun. not be lectured by left wing fascists who demand you agree with their nonsense.

    • I agree with Joey. I believe there are two genders male and female. I don’t have to call you a cat if you believe you are a cat. Disney should just use the first names of cast members and that’s it. If you want to be inclusive, go start your own company and do what you want. As a religious person, I find it offensive that you expect me to call you by anything than the gender you were assigned at birth by G-d.