‘The View’ Star Says Show Has Too Much “Finger Pointing”

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For almost thirty years, the women of ABC’s hit daytime talk show, The View, have been talking about some of the most important and trending topics of the day. They do not always get along, and fans have come to love it when the women spar and stand by their beliefs.

Things can get very heated, but they always manage to respect each other and apologize if necessary. In the show’s 27 seasons, there have definitely been controversies and chaos, but fans couldn’t get enough.

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Times have changed a lot in the past three decades, and the way women communicate, the things they can say, and the way they say them, have also changed. One host does not think that this is necessarily a good thing.

In an interview with Chris Wallace, Whoopi Goldberg made a bombshell claim: The View was better before it got too “woke.” This is an interesting comment from Goldberg, especially since she tends to lean left in her political and social beliefs.

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Per TMZ:

Goldberg says she liked “The View” more before ’cause audiences cut the hosts slack and didn’t immediately jump to the conclusion they wanted to make nasty, horrible comments.

Whoopi explains there used to be more debate in its heyday — a free exchange of ideas on the hosts’ opinions without so much finger-pointing. Now, she feels people are more into playing the “Gotcha” game … nitpicking the language rather than what the host means.

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Goldberg also said that she feels like she has not been able to truly speak her mind because she would have to apologize to fans who were offended.

Goldberg’s Multiple Controversies

It is very interesting that Goldberg said that felt she could not speak her mind on the show. Goldberg is typically one of the most outspoken hosts on the show, frequently making headlines for the outrageous things that she says.

In late 2022, Goldberg shocked her fellow cohosts and viewers around the world when she said that the Holocaust was not about race. That dark time in American history saw more than 6 million Jewish people executed simply because they were Jewish. Goldberg said that the Holocaust was about “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Whoopi Goldberg Anti White Feeling

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Disney and ABC did not take those comments lightly, and ended up suspending Goldberg. When Ms. Goldberg returned to the show, she apologized for her comments and said that she did not know that Jewish people were considered a race of people.

Earlier this year, Ms. Goldberg offended two generations by calling Millennials and Gen-Zers lazy. She said that those generations want to do things like buy a house, but they only want to work a few hours a day. She said that the older generations worked much harder. Goldberg was then reminded that her generation — known as Boomers — had created things like the economic and housing market crashes.

Whoopi Goldberg

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She has also blatantly called out Disney and ABC for their treatment of the mothers who work for the company. Her statement was made while Disney was in the midst of laying off thousands of employees.

The View is currently being hosted by Goldberg, Joy Behar, Ana Navarro, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines.

Do you think The View has become too limiting and that the hosts can’t speak their minds? Let us know in the comments.

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