Who in the world (or 220 miles above it) would pay these prices for lunch?

Space 220
Credit: Disney

EPCOT’s long-awaited space-themed restaurant opened on Monday, and the stand-by line to get a glimpse of Earth from 220 miles up was, well, out of this world.

Credit: Theme Park Express

And while the panoramic views of the cosmos during dinner may be awe-inspiring, the menu prices associated with the experience are, by some Guests’ accounts, just a bit too far out of this world.

Space 220, EPCOT’s newest restaurant, located in the Mission: SPACE pavilion, features a prix-frie menu. Lunch for adults is two courses–an appetizer and entree. Dinner is three courses–appetizer, entree and dessert.

Lunch for adults is $55, and dinner is $79. Appetizers include calamari, tempura-fried cauliflower, Caesar salad and a grain salad. Entree choices include short rib, an 8-ounce filet mignon, bluehouse salmon, red snapper, among others.

Desserts include carrot cake, gelato and sorbet, chocolate cheesecake and more.

And of course, many of the offerings come with a clever space-themed name, like Astro Deviled Eggs, the Big Bang Burrata and the Centauri Burger.

The kids can eat for $29, and that price includes an entree, dessert and drink, along with a pack of Space 220 collectible cards. Kids can choose from options like spaghetti, fried chicken tenders, salmon and steak and fries. Dessert choices include a cupcake, sorbet or scoop of gelato.

Credit: Brooke G. McDonald

Are we really surprised by these prices, though? We shouldn’t be; as one Guest explains in a tweet, we’d easily pay these prices at other venues at Disney World right now.

But the point is made: it better be good, and many say it is good. Really good.

Especially dessert!

Others have taken to social media to make fun of the prices at Space 220; after all, Disney is shipping the food to outer space. Somebody’s got to pay for that! @DisneyDan chimed in, asking Guests to “chill out.”

One Guest wonders how Disney will ever make money with Space 220. Should we tell her?

When the new restaurant opened on Monday, a standby queue was available. That line saw wait times of 5+ hours, so a virtual queue was added. Reservations for Space 220 begin September 27 and are highly recommended.

Credit: Theme Park Express

So, who in the world would pay these prices for lunch and dinner?

The answer is, apparently many people. Reservations for Space 220 are largely booked through November, as many Guests want to be among the first to have the new experience, being hailed by some as the “Epcottiest” thing to be added to the park in a while.

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