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RSVLTS disney shirt
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Now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, it’s time to start thinking about that Disney Dad in your life. Father’s Day is fast approaching, and you may need help with what to get your dad this year. Maybe you’re tired of the same old gift ideas! They deserve something extra special for their special day, right? Better yet, perhaps you’re vying for the spot of “favorite child!” You deserve the recognition, after all! If you’re still looking, keep reading because, at Disney Dining, we’ve got you covered!

Assuming that your dad is a Disney Dude, we’ve lucked into finding a great gift option for this year’s Father’s Day. One that will ensure you secure that special place in Dad’s heart, especially if he’s planning on hitting a Disney Park anytime soon. Because much like the Instagram models of today, Dad’s like to look snazzy when hanging with Mickey Mouse too. Although dads want to look great, they typically prioritize comfort over style. We’re talking to you; dads still rocking the white New Balance shoes and jean shorts!

Enter the RSVLTS shirt! Before we start, we want to be clear; this brand isn’t just for the dad in your life. They have plenty of offerings for moms and little ones too. There’s even something for that weird uncle who always shows up at family functions even though no one invited him! But today, we’re going to focus on Pops! RSVLTS.com, or Roosevelts, is an apparel brand “born of love of sports, pop culture, and above all, having a good time!”

RSVLTS are perfect for Father's Day

Credit: RSVLTS.com

Their supply includes a vast variety of shirts, shorts, hats, and other merchandise.

Fans of almost any classic show or movie can find something they’ll love, including many Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel options. Not only will your dad (or yourself) look fantastic, but you’ll stay comfortable in their KUNUFLEX options. These shirts are breathable, and as someone who wears them often in the parks, they will help keep you cooled off in the summer months following Father’s Day.

I would caution you, however, as purchasing an RSVLTS shirt (or other product) is a lot like a tattoo. After you get one, you’re going to want more and more! I own seven different shirts currently after being gifted a nifty Stormtrooper design for Christmas last year. What’s excellent is RSVLTS does a great job of keeping its customers informed. After downloading their app, you will receive push notifications regarding restocks and new exclusives. And trust me, these come in handy, as some designs (especially the Disney ones) tend to sell out quickly.

RSVLTS Steamboat Willie Shirt for Dad

Credit: RSVLTS.com

There are even social media groups dedicated to helping others new to the brand! They have their own community of followers. I will admit that these items are competitive with Disney when discussing prices. Still, as a brand fan, I can promise that the materials’ quality and refreshing artistic take on design make it worth it. Your dad will be happy! Plus, you’ll have a go-to gift idea for birthdays and other holidays year-round!

RSVLTS Disney Shirt blue with characters

Credit: RSVLTS.com

Maybe they don’t have what you’re looking for online. That’s okay because the brand has caught fire lately, selling in select locations (not just online). Buc-ees carries a good variety of RSVLTS products. ShopDisney still has a few limited-edition Star Wars products for sale! You can even find RSVLTS Jurassic Park clothing at Universal Orlando. As they cover many popular properties such as The Office, Nickelodeon, Jaws, The Goonies, the MLB, and many more, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll fall in love with. They also make great conversation starters! So, this Father’s Day, get that special dude in your life something that’ll make all the other dads drool! Let him show his Disney style in comfort! Or get him a lovely apron for grilling! Or a coozie for his cold ones. Get him one of everything! Just trust us; your 2023 Father’s Day gift will be a massive hit when you go with RSVLTS.com!

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