Was a Time Capsule Supposed to be Opened at Disney’s Contemporary Resort?

Time Capsule
Credit: Ronnie Gross Jr.

Disney fans on Twitter are in a panic after Ronnie Gross, Jr. tweeted about a time capsule he found while at Disney’s Contemporary Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Contemporary Resort

Credit: Disney

It appears that the time capsule was buried 25 years ago, on October 25, 1996, during Walt Disney World’s 25th anniversary.

Ronnie Gross Jr’s tweet reads:

“There is a time capsule at Disney’s Contemporary Resort that is to be opened this year in October after 50 years.”


Unfortunately, October 25, 2021, has come and gone, and we have no details on what was inside or if the capsule was even opened. However, what we do know, thanks to Adventures by Carney on Twitter, is that Cast Members at Disney’s Contemporary Resort did dig up the time capsule and moved it to a backstage area.

“They dug up the time capsule at The Contemporary today BEFORE 9am and took it backstage! I’m surprised @WaltDisneyWorld didn’t make a bigger deal about this! Any idea when we will get to see what’s inside @WDWGuestService?”

Adam Berdine replied to the tweet jokingly after many price increases were reported at Disney this week, saying:

“They did not know how to charge us to see it.”

Another reaction to the confusion by Nicolette Marie reads:

“This is incredible….but like what’s in there? C’mon @WaltDisneyWorld telllll us.”

@Lord_Vercetti brought up a good point in his tweet regarding the weathering of items:

“Usually those things don’t survive so they may be getting ready to replace stuff.”

Because the time capsule at  Disney’s Contemporary Resort was buried in 1996, some of the things that might be inside include plush toys, Resort keys, plates, other dining objects from the onsite dining locations, a Cast Member group photo at Chef Mickey’s, old pictures of the Resort, Cast Member signatures, and dated park guides, just to name a few.

Disney has not mentioned anything regarding the time capsule or their plans to open it publicly. Will we ever know what was inside? Or will it forever be a mystery that may or may not be debunked in the next 25 years?

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