WARNING: Diehard Splash Mountain Fans Reportedly Planning a Potentially Violent Protest

Splash Mountain
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WARNING: This article contains social media posts using explicit, graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised. 

By now, it’s considered old news that Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain has closed its doors forever and that the big drop log flume attraction will return soon as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

However, now that it’s been said and done, the focus has shifted to the remaining Splash Mountain in Disneyland Park.

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Many frequent visitors and Disney fans have yet to find out when Critter Country’s Splash Mountain attraction will be closed forever to make way for a Princess and the Frog (2009) themed ride. It’s been so long since anyone has heard anything about the classic ride, luring most Disneyland Guests into a false sense of security.

Make no mistake, however, because the Walt Disney Company is coming for the classic Splash Mountain attraction.

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom

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Some Disney fans haven’t forgotten this fact, and some are even banding together to protest the ride’s removal, regardless of the offensive history surrounding the attraction.

Although Uncle Remus doesn’t make an appearance in the attraction, it must be said that the Splash Mountain ride is still attached to a source material deemed offensive to the African American community.

Despite this, one diehard fan has begun planning a “sit-in” protest on March 18. This is made even more sinister when you remember that many of the first protests of the Civil Rights Movement involved sit-ins, in which African Americans would fill segregated eateries and stay put, even when denied service due to their race.

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom

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The original Tweets can be found here, but they respectively read:

Hey buddy I’ll be in California next month 15th-20th if you wanna meet me in person when I get there I’ll show ya what the f*cks up. We’re having a sit in protest on that Saturday the 18th if you don’t show up you are nothing but a p*ssy.

I’m scheduling for a protest on the 18th next month 100% total sit in. Feel free to join…Real fans will show up when a company has gone crazy. We must [be] heard and I don’t care who knows it at this point get the word out.

F*ck them guys I’m protesting next month on the 18th out in the open about this we’re having a sit in on Splash Mountain. They may take one but they ain’t getting the other!!!!

Splash Mountain

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These threats are more than inappropriate; they’re potentially dangerous. These sit-ins could quickly become violent once Disneyland Resort security becomes involved. Not only that, but the original poster has “threatened multiple people with physical violence and said he would die to protect the ride.”

To anyone visiting Disneyland Park during or around March 18, be extra aware of your surroundings and stay safe!

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