Wanna skip the new price hike coming to Disney+? Here’s how to do exactly that.

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Price increases are coming to Disney+ subscriptions later this year, and if you love spending more for the same thing, stop reading this post immediately. But if you’re looking to skip the new price increase for your Disney+ streaming subscription, we’ve got details on how you can do exactly that.

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During The Walt Disney Company’s third-quarter earnings call last week, it was revealed that not only will Disney be moving toward offering an ad-supported option to Disney+ subscribers, but it will be hiking monthly subscription prices for access to the popular streaming platform as well.


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Beginning on December 8, Disney+ streaming subscriptions in the United States will be priced differently than they are currently priced. The ad-supported Disney+ tier will be $7.99 per month, which is the same as the current monthly subscription with no ads. Ad-free Disney+ subscriptions will increase in price from the current $7.99 per month to $10.99 per month, a 38% rise in the monthly rate.

The price of a subscription to Hulu minus ads will increase from $12.99 per month to $14.99 per month on October 10. A Hulu ad-supported subscription will increase by $1 from $6.99 per month to $7.99 per month.

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While many fans are unhappy about the price increase for their monthly Disney+ subscriptions, the popularity of the streaming platform means its unlikely that many will cancel their respective subscriptions in response to the price hike (though some are urging fans to drop their Disney+ subscriptions altogether in protest of Disney’s lack of family values; you can read more about that here.)

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But there are a couple of ways to avoid the price hike, at least for now.

The most obvious way to skip the $3 per month increase in the price of a Disney+ subscription is to go with the ad-supported version. Sure, it’s a pain to sit through the copious commercials, especially right in the middle of a movie, but it will save subscribers $36 per year.


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But for fans who want to skip the increase and skip the ads, there’s another option, but in order to take advantage of it, fans will need to act quickly before the increase takes place in December. To skip the upcoming increase, simply choose annual billing before December 8. That locks in the current monthly price of $7.99 for 12 months. Fans who wait until November (or even up until December 7) to make the switch to annual billing will get to lock in the lower monthly price for longer than 12 months (September, October, and November at the current rate plus 12 months at the current rate once annual billing is selected).

The choice is up to each individual subscriber, but time is of the essence. Be sure to switch to annual billing before the new rate goes into effect to take advantage of the lower rate for a longer amount of time!


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