Two of Walt Disney World Resort’s Most Important Attractions Unavailable at the Same Time

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It’s no secret that a visit to Walt Disney World Resort is more expensive than ever. Even the ticket prices alone are at an all-time high, and that’s not even adding all of the extra, yet necessary, expenses, such as Genie+ and Lightning Lane options.

While we can’t defend the extra costs, we can see why a ticket to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT is more expensive than ever.

In short, it’s because the theme parks are bigger than ever! Newer lands mean more offerings; more entertainment, more shopping opportunities, more snacks, and the most crucial offering of all, more attractions.

But the Attractions Continue Beyond the Theme Parks…

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After a day spent at a Disney park, whether you’re hopping onto a bus, a skyliner, or a monorail, chances are you’re heading back to your Disney hotel. What do you pass on your way to your room? The pool.

Some Disney World Resorts have leisurely pools, and some have smaller play areas. But the Disney Deluxe Resorts often have an entire water park play area on the property.

Believe it or not, these water park areas are some of the most important attractions in Walt Disney World. And we get it, we hear you! You’re probably asking, ‘How can a pool be the most important attraction when the Haunted Mansion is right there?!’ But hear us out!

Disney’s Hotel Water Parks Are Some of the MOST Important Attractions On Property!

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For one, Disney Resort Water Park is an excellent amenity for cooling off in the Florida heat. Even when the sun goes down, the heat lingers! And a pool’s refreshing water will easily stave off that heat.

Not only that, but the weightless feeling that comes from relaxing in a pool is also a great way to ease any aches and pains from walking around a Disney park all day.

It goes without saying that a water park play area is also a fantastic way for the little ones to burn off any excess energy before bedtime.

But What Truly Makes These Attractions Important Is What They Add to Disney World Hotels

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A water park play area is one of the amenities that sets Disney Deluxe Resorts apart from a moderate resort or a value resort. In short, when you pay for a deluxe Disney World hotel, you’re paying for the water park.

So, if water park areas are so important to a deluxe Disney World hotel, then why will these two be closed at the same time?

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Disney’s Yacht Club Resort and Disney’s Beach Club Resort are two sister resort hotels, meaning they share a lot of the same property and amenities.

Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool are among some of the things they share, and they’re part of what makes these resorts so luxurious and expensive. But they will both be closed from January to May 2025 for routine maintenance.

So, if guests are booking a stay at either of these resort hotels during this time, they may not be getting their full money’s worth.

Instead, we suggest looking into another deluxe resort during this time, such as the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort, the Polynesian Village Resort, or Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Want to see the complete list of deluxe Disney World hotels? Check out the official website here.

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