Walt Disney World Resort Location CLOSES as a Result of Intense Overheating

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Walt Disney World Resort can’t seem to catch a break this week!

This week, Walt Disney World Resort has faced some circumstances that were certainly out of the ordinary. Earlier this week, Florida was hit by Hurricane Idalia, a category four storm that brought heavy rains and winds to the state. As conditions improve, it seems like this Hurricane was Florida’s way of winding down its long, hot summer.

However, the heat isn’t gone just yet.

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A Hot Florida Summer Makes Things Difficult for Disney Location

Anyone who has ever visited Florida during the summer knows that air conditioning is necessary for surviving a day spent at a Disney Park. When Guests are exerting themselves by walking around and standing in searing heat, a dip into Disney’s refreshing air-conditioned stores, attractions, and restaurants is a saving grace.

For many stores, not having air conditioning can be so detrimental that the entire location is left with no other option but to shut down. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened at Gideon’s Bakehouse.

Located in Disney Springs, the vibrant and exciting shopping, dining, and entertainment district at Walt Disney World, Gideon’s Bakehouse is a must-try for any food aficionado. As you step into Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs, you are instantly transported to a whimsical world of enchanting aromas and mouthwatering treats.


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Beloved Bakery Shuts Down

Disney Springs Guests love trying the delicious sweet and savory baked goods that are sold at Gideon’s Bakery. For many fans, a trip to Disney Springs is not complete without at least one ooey-gooey original chocolate chip cookie.

Unfortunately, Guests today will not be able to experience the joy of such treats. Earlier today, it was shared on Gideon’s social media that the bakehouse would be closing due to a problem with its air conditioning system. Without a working unit, the temperatures inside Gideon’s Bakehouse were nearing 100 degrees. Because of this, the store made the difficult decision to close.

Gideon's Bakehouse

Credit: Gideon’s Bakehouse

At this time, Gideon’s team asks for support from the Disney community as they navigate this frustrating situation. Hopefully, everything will be resolved soon and Guest can get back to enjoying the delicious offerings of this Disney Springs location.

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