One of Disney World’s Most Wholesome Services Will Officially Be Discontinued Soon

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When it comes to visiting Walt Disney World Resort, many fans agree that splurging and staying on property is well worth the extra price tag.

Staying at a Disney World Resort hotel comes with extra services and extra privileges. From free transportation to each Disney Park to extra Disney magic, staying at a Disney Resort hotel is definitely worth the hype.

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One of the cutest services that comes with staying on property during a Walt Disney World vacation is the Disney Floral and Gifts, which is precisely what it sounds like: officially licensed Disney gifts and flower arrangements.

Disney Floral and Gifts is a service that has been around since the very beginning of Walt Disney World. On the official website, Guests can select the perfect package for their loved one, celebrating everything from holidays to birthdays to graduations.

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Disney Flora and Gifts currently delivers to “any open Walt Disney World Resort, as well as open good neighbor resorts and hotels located on Walt Disney World Resort property,” according to the official website.

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However, by the end of the summer, Disney Floral and Gifts will be discontinued and replaced with a new, third-party vendor: Florida Fresh Floral.

The only specific date indicated is August 26, as orders will be accepted up until then. Beginning on August 27, Guests will have to check back later to learn more about the new vendor and its associated processes.

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While it’s a shame to hear that one of Disney World’s oldest services will be discontinued soon, we can’t wait to see what Florida Fresh Floral brings to the table.

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