Walt Disney World to Experience Week of Thunderstorms as Category 5 Hurricane Looms Overhead

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We recently reported on Tropical Storm Lee, which was shaping up to become an incredibly dangerous hurricane, according to the experts. Now that it has progressed, Hurricane Lee is barrelling its way through the Atlantic, leading lots of Disney fans to wonder: Is Walt Disney World in danger?

Is Hurricane Lee a Threat to Walt Disney World?

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Just a few days after officially forming, Hurricane Lee is already projected to become a Category 5 hurricane, the most dangerous level on the scale.

The experts over at the National Hurricane Center predict that Hurricane Lee will reach peak intensity by this weekend, becoming an incredibly dangerous hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. But will this huge storm impact the United States and make landfall?

The Million Dollar Question…

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The current projections show the hurricane traveling up north, parallel to the East Coast, and staying hundreds of miles away, looming over the water instead of making landfall. But at this point, the experts aren’t entirely sure of this. One thing any Floridian can tell you is that hurricanes are unpredictable and volatile, and one should always plan for the worst.

Meanwhile, Walt Disney World is in for its own whirlwind as scattered thunderstorms are set to impact the vacation destination.

Walt Disney World Is In For Its Own Whirlwind…

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Beginning on Friday, September 15, Kissimmee is projected to experience isolated thunderstorms all day long. Unfortunately, these storms will only continue through the week.

Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT may be affected by these scattered thunderstorms, and Typhoon Lagoon may very well close throughout the entire week.

Walt Disney World In Danger?

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So, is Walt Disney World in danger? The simplified answer is ‘Not Yet.’ While it doesn’t seem like Hurricane Lee will become an issue for the vacation destination, a week filled with nonstop thunderstorms can become more than an inconvenience, even for Disney.

At this time, the Walt Disney Company hasn’t made any official announcements or plans regarding Hurricane Lee. Stay tuned to Disney Dining for the latest updates on the situation as it develops.

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