Universal Studios Reveals the Name of Its Newest Theme Park Resort Being Built in Texas

universal studios frisco kids park
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Universal Studios is coming to the Lone Star State, and though not everyone in Texas is happy about the arrival of the new theme park resort, others were thrilled to hear brand-new details about Universal’s newest location.

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universal studios frisco kids park

Credit: Universal/Canva

On Friday, Universal Destinations & Experiences revealed new details about a brand-new theme park resort being constructed in the North Texas city of Frisco, beginning with the official name of the new park: Universal Kids Resort.

Texans Tell Universal “No Thanks, Y’all”

In January, Universal Parks announced plans to bring a brand-new theme park resort to North Texas. The resort, per Universal, would be family-focused and feature a theme park as well as a 300-room resort-style hotel in the city of Frisco, which is home to approximately 211,000 Texans.

The decision was hailed by some who have long thought Texas is an ideal location for a Universal or Disney theme park resort. But others weren’t so thrilled about Universal’s plans.

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universal kids resort frisco texas

Credit: Universal/Canva

In the weeks and months following Universal’s announcement, the City of Frisco hosted town hall meetings to hear concerns and answer questions from residents. The Frisco City Council later voted on the proposal, which ultimately passed with a vote of 4-2 in favor, with one abstention. The Zoning Commission’s vote was unanimous.

During Friday’s reveal, Molly Murphy with Universal Creative explained the thinking behind the design of the resort.

“We’re designing the resort so kids and families can feel the thrill of being physically immersed in their most beloved stories and characters,” Murphy said.

Universal Kids Resort in Frisco, Texas, will be the company’s first-ever location that is specifically designed for families with young children. Rides and attractions at the park will cater to those standing up to 46 inches tall.

“The characters that children in this community will grow up loving and get see and touch and be around every single day, it’s going to grow into being the very essence of growing up and living in Frisco,” said Frisco’s mayor, Jeff Cheney.

A Lot Has Changed Since Universal’s First Announcement

Executives with Universal Destinations and Experiences also presented a final rendering on Friday, and it differs from Universal’s original rendering for the park, which was first shared in January.

universal kids resort frisco texas

Park Rendering (January 2023)/Credit: Universal

universal kids resort frisco texas

Park Rendering (December 2023)/Credit: Universal

A Smaller Resort For Smaller Fans

According to Universal, the size of the new resort is about 1/4 the size of Universal Studios Orlando Resort, and that’s by design. The hope is that the smaller size will create a more “intimate and engaging” feel for younger guests of the resort. In January, Universal execs said that the Frisco resort would be smaller in size than Universal’s Orlando parks, but that the quality of the experience would be the same as with a larger Universal theme park resort.

universal studios orlando globe

Credit: Universal Studios Orlando

Molly Murphy, president of Universal Creative, described the park’s design as one with young children in mind.

“We’ll have playful shows, meet-and-greets, fun food, and beverages,” Murphy explained. “We’re designing it with the unbridled creativity of children in mind. From a kid’s perspective. What does it look, feel, smell, and taste like? Tapping into their imagination and their sense of discovery and play.”

An Undertaking for Texans in Frisco As Well

Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney told residents on Friday morning that the road leading into the park would be named Universal Parkway.

“Honestly, this was probably the longest zoning case ever done for a project of this magnitude,” Mayor Cheney said to the audience who gathered to hear details shared by Universal execs on Friday morning.

Map of Frisco, TX, Texas

Credit: City of Frisco, Texas/TownMapsUSA

Universal first broke ground on the new property in Frisco in November. Construction is scheduled to go vertical in early 2024. From start to finish, the resort is expected to take two years to construct, bringing approximately 2,500 construction jobs to the Frisco area, and once completed, Universal’s newest theme park resort is estimated to generate over $200 million annually in spending in the city.

Over a 20-year period, the expected economic impact to the city is estimated to be $155,091,438.

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