Universal Studios is Building a New Theme Park in TEXAS!

universal studios texas

Universal Parks & Resorts has just announced plans for a brand-new location in the Lone Star State.

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universal studios texas

On Wednesday morning, Universal Parks & Resorts made a huge announcement–one big enough for Texas.

Universal shared plans for a brand-new family resort location that will be located in the North Texas city of Frisco. According to the announcement, the new resort location will serve as a destination for “families with young children” and will be a location that guests typically visit as a one- or two-day destination.

Scott Gustin with NexStar Media tweeted about the new destination, saying “Universal Parks & Resorts is planning to build a 100-acre concept for families with young children in Frisco, Texas. Universal described the project as a 1-2 day destination.”

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Per Universal, the new Texas resort will include a park and a 300-room resort hotel. The new destination in the Lone Star State “is intended to have a completely different look, feel, and scale than Universal’s existing parks and will appeal to a new audience for the brand.” The announcement also says the park will include “family-friendly attractions, interactive shows, [and] character meet and greets.”

Frisco Heritage Center | Frisco, TX - Official Website

Frisco, Texas, is located about 30 miles north of Dallas/Credit: FriscoTX

Universal did not announce an opening date for the new Texas resort, but according toĀ The Dallas Morning News, property records indicate that Universal Parks & Resorts has four years to build the new destination.

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Though details on the new Universal Resort destination are few and far between at this time, the projected size of the resort aligns more closely with the size of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, rather than the size of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The new Universal project will encompass some 100 acres. (Disneyland Resort takes up 500 acres when both theme parks at the Resort are considered, while the Walt Disney World Resort spans approximately 43 square miles or about 27,500 acres!)

Disneyland Park itself is closer to the size of the newest Universal Resort destination, to be located in North Texas.


Credit: Universal

News of Universal’s Texas destination comes as Universal Studios Orlando’s third theme park, Epic Universe, is under construction in Florida. Universal Parks & Resorts also announced on Wednesday that plans are underway for a new Universal Parks location in Las Vegas as well.

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