The Ultimate Studying Tool for Disney Lovers

One of the most beautiful things about Disney is how it affects people of all ages.

Whether studying to keep your grades up in high school, studying for your finals in college, finishing tasks in the workplace, or even focusing on a hobby while enjoying retirement, Disney fans make up people of all backgrounds, all of which need to focus now and then. If you’re a Disney lover who needs help focusing, then these studying tools are perfect for you.

lofi girl

Credit: Lofi Girl, YouTube

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You may have heard of the Lofi Girl Youtube Channel, which includes live streams of lo-fi music that have been streaming for years now. Now, get ready for Lofi Minnie.

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Sidenote: ‘lo-fi’ (or low fidelity) is a contemporary genre of music categorized by calm, slow, lyric-less melodies. Lofi music is typically uncomplicated, making it the perfect background music. This genre is famous for being a study tool because it is easy to focus while playing.

lofi minnie

Credit: Spotify

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Lofi Minnie is an entirely Disney-ified take on the famous Lofi Girl. Currently, there are two Lofi Minnie albums on Spotify: Lofi Minnie: Chill and Lofi Minnie: Focus. Each of these albums contains calm, lofi covers of classic Disney songs, such as “Hakuna Matata,” “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” “Colors of the Wind,” and more.

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Whether you’re trying to chill or focus, these Disney albums are here to help. So strap in, get the lo-fi Disney music playing, and get ready to accomplish all of your tasks with these albums!

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