It’s Official: This Walt Disney World Park Is Reopening Soon

typhoon lagoon
Credit: Disney

For months, fans of this Walt Disney World Park have been in the dark about its reopening. However, Disney recently made an announcement that has fans waiting on the edge of their seats: Typhoon Lagoon is finally returning to Walt Disney World!

The Walt Disney World water park originally closed for refurbishments in November 2022, which in turn resulted in Blizzard Beach reopening after a lengthy closure for Guests to enjoy.

Typhoon Lagoon

Credit: Disney

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At this time, we don’t know when exactly Typhoon Lagoon is reopening. The official Disney Parks Blog announced that Typhoon Lagoon “will reopen this spring” with no further details.

Typhoon Lagoon attractions include tons of water rides, slides, and pools for Guests of all ages.

Lazy River


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Younger Guests will love Ketchakiddie Creek, full of shallow pools, whimsical animals, a water cannon, and more.

For Guests of all ages, Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool is the largest wave pool in North America, where huge waves roll until they roll onto the shores of the sandy white beach.

Credit: Disney

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One Typhoon Lagoon ride that will thrill the whole family is Miss Adventure Falls: a water slide with a four-person raft and lots of splashing. Want a similar rafting experience without an entire party? Check out Keelhaul Falls, a one-person white-rafting water slide!

Other Typhoon Lagoon attractions include the Storm Slides: a series of three different water slides that send Guests careening down twists and turns.

Typhoon Lagoon

Credit: Disney

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Although we don’t know when Typhoon Lagoon will reopen, we have reason to believe that Blizzard Beach will close for refurbishment once the water park reopens. Historically, one Walt Disney World water park remains open while the other is closed for a lengthy refurbishment.

Stay tuned for more details on the Disney World water park, as Disney Dining will keep readers updated on the latest news regarding the situation.

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