This Walt Disney World Park Did Not Open Due to Weather

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When it comes to the Sunshine State, the weather can be inexplicably fickle. It can be unbearably hot, rainy, gloomy, and bone-chillingly cold all in one week. As a result of the ever-changing Florida weather, Walt Disney World Resort must make last-minute decisions, such as closing a Park.

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Walt Disney World Resort is home to four different theme parks, a myriad of hotels, and two water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Typhoon Lagoon has been closed for refurbishment for months now, but Blizzard Beach is still open to the public…except for today.

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At the time of this article’s publication, Blizzard Beach is closed to the public due to local weather. On February 13, Kissimmee’s experiencing a high temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of 46 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Weather Channel. Walt Disney World Resort has decided that these temperatures are a little too chilly to justify opening Blizzard Beach today.

But will the water park still be closed throughout the week? Probably not!

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Looking at the projected forecast for Kissimmee, we can assume that Blizzard Beach will be open for the rest of the week, with the exception of Saturday.

Although the week is consistently hot according to the Weather Channel’s predictions, it appears that Saturday will give way to a high of 73 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it may be warm enough during the day to keep Blizzard Beach open, we won’t know for sure until we get closer to the date.

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Disney Dining will keep readers updated on the situation regarding the Disney Park.

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