Two Disney Attractions Extend Closure Dates Significantly After Winter Storms

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In recent news, it has come to light that two beloved rides at the prestigious Disneyland Resort have experienced significant delays in their refurbishments, much to the disappointment of eager visitors. These two attractions are important landmark attractions of Disneyland Resort, and fans will no doubt miss them while they remain closed for longer than expected.

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Closures Continue for Two Iconic Rides

The Mark Twain riverboat, a cherished attraction that takes guests on a leisurely cruise around the scenic Rivers of America, offers a unique and immersive glimpse into the charm and grandeur of a bygone era. As part of Disneyland’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of guest satisfaction, periodic refurbishments are necessary to maintain the vessel’s impeccable appearance and operational efficiency.

The ride was initially closed from September 17, 2023, until February 10, 2024. Now, that reopening date will be extended by two days. The extension of the Mark Twain refurbishment until February 23 reflects the meticulous attention to detail the park invests in preserving the timeless allure of this classic experience.

Similarly, the Astro Orbiter, an exhilarating rocket-themed attraction that allows daredevil visitors to soar high above Tomorrowland, has also faced unexpected delays in its refurbishment process. This delay, which was meant to open on March 8, 2024, is now extending until March 14.

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This extension highlights the park’s dedication to delivering an exceptional experience for every guest. It’s evident that Disneyland takes great care in ensuring that all of its attractions are in peak condition, upholding its reputation as the epitome of excellence in the realm of amusement parks.

Did Cali Weather Play a Part?

While inconvenient for those eagerly anticipating the reopening of these two popular Disney Park attractions, it’s important to remember that these refurbishments are ultimately undertaken with the aim of enhancing the overall guest experience. By investing time and resources into the careful preservation and maintenance of Disneyland ride refurbishment, Disneyland Resort shows its unwavering commitment to providing visitors with unparalleled moments of joy and wonder in Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

Mark Twain refurb extended to 2/23, Astro Orbiter extended to 3/14 likely due to rain delays
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Many people believe that the reason for these extended closures could be due to the severe winter rain storms that plummeted Southern California last week. It is easy to deduce that this weather played a part in delaying Disney’s construction efforts in each attraction.

The extension of the refurbishments for the Mark Twain riverboat and the Astro Orbiter at Disneyland Resort underscores the park’s unwavering dedication to ensuring the highest quality experiences for its beloved guests. Despite the disappointment of the delays, it is clear that these refurbishments are necessary to maintain the charm and operational excellence of these iconic attractions. As the new reopening dates of February 23 and March 14 approach, visitors can look forward to enjoying these rides in all their splendor and immersing themselves in the magic that only Disneyland can provide after these Disneyland Ride closures are done.

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