If You’re Heading to Disney Anytime Soon, You NEED to Know About These Upcoming Closures

Disneyland Ride Closures
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Ride closures at Disney Parks can be a bittersweet experience for Park Guests. While it is disappointing to find out that a beloved attraction is temporarily unavailable, it is also a necessary part of maintaining the magic and safety of the park.

Unfortunately, this summer has been plagued with closures at Disneyland Resort. Guests have been able to experience a shockingly small number of rides, and many fans have felt let down and unfulfilled by this. If you are visiting Disneyland Resort this September or October, the closures will sadly be continuing.

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What to Expect This Fall at Disneyland

If you plan a vacation during this time, do not stress. September and October are wonderful times to visit the Parks thanks to the ideal weather, low crowds, and Halloween-time decorations and activities. There will be no lack of fun and spooky entertainment for you during your visit. However, you should be aware of some major closures happening while you are there.

Mark Twain Riverboat

The Mark Twain Riverboat is one of Disneyland’s most classy and beloved attractions. However, the riverboat will be out of commission beginning tomorrow, September 17. The reopening date for this attraction is unknown as of now.

“it’s a small world” Attraction.

After Halloween is over, the Disney Parks will be quickly turning things around for the Holiday season. In preparation for that, Guests will not be able to ride the “it’s a small world” attraction from October 23 until November 9.

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Space Mountain

Space Mountain is an iconic and thrilling roller coaster located in Disneyland Park. Unfortunately, the ride has been showing its age as of late and is in need of some major TLC. Space Mountain will be closed from September 18 through October 25 for these renovations. This ride will be a tragic loss for many fans who look forward to this ride heavily.

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Golden Zephyr

Finally, the Golden Zephyr in Disney California Adventure Park will remain closed until September 28. That reopening date is tentative and could very easily be extended.

While it is sad to see these attractions close, there are many other attractions to fill your day with while staying at Disneyland Resort. There is no doubt that your vacation will be amazing!

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