Tron is Opening But Leaves Passholders Off the Grid

Credit: Disney

Disney Annual Passholders have been (too put it lightly) dissatisfied with Disney for some time now. From being called “unfavorable” to lawsuits, Annual Passholders have gotten the not so great end of the stick from a disney ever since the Parks reopened after the “Pandemic Pause.”

TRON Lightcycle/Run

Credit: Disney


Now it seems Disney wants to add insult to injury. We’ve been waiting 5 years for Tron: Lightcycle Power Run to open at Magic Kingdom. To put it in perspective, Universal Orlando announced an entire theme park, paused for the pandemic, and plans to have it completed and opened in almost that amount of time. Be that as it may though, Tron is finally opening.  The opening date of April 4, 2023 was announced just today which is exciting news indeed. Except… most Passholders are blocked out on that day. 

Annual Passholders

Credit: Disney

From a crowd perspective, it makes sense to  open the highly anticipated race ride during the week before Easter. Disney just made a similar move with the (also long awaited) reopening of the Walt Disney World Railroad which opened after a 4 year closure just before the busy Christmas crowds descended. 

However, for Disney’s most loyal guests, it feels like another slap in the face. Both the Pixie Pass and Pirate Pass are blocked out on this date, leaving only the more expensive Sorcerer’s Pass and Incredi-Pass available to experience Tron’s first day. The lower tier Passholders, of course, have the option to buy a single day Disney world park ticket for this day but  somehow,  we don’t see many being willing to do that. Also noteworthy is that only the Pixie Pass is currently available for purchase (and only open to Florida residents). 

Shanghai Tron

Shanghai Disney Park Tron (Credit: Disney)

There is the possibility that Passholders will get a preview of the newest coaster to hit Magic Kingdom but nothing has been announced yet. While this news stings… other news today from Disney may just take the edge off the burn a bit, namely the upcoming relaxation of park passes for Walt Disney World Annual passholders. Perhaps Disney decided to give a little after all 

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