Tragedy for Guests: Disney INCREASES the Price of Churros?!

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When it comes to iconic Disney treats, the churro reigns supreme for many. Whether it be Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, these golden sticks of deliciousness are a must-have for anyone visiting a Disney Park. Due to their convenient access to Disney, there are plenty of places for fans to satisfy their churro cravings.

Churros: A Disney Staple

Churros have become synonymous with Disney Parks, and it’s not hard to see why. The warm, doughy goodness coated in cinnamon sugar is a treat that is hard to resist. Whether you’re strolling through the Parks or waiting in line for your favorite ride, a churro makes for the perfect snack to keep you energized and satisfied on the go.


Credit: Disney

If the traditional churro isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings, then perhaps one of Disney’s more eclectic and unique flavor options will suit your fancy. Beloved flavors like the Berries and Cream Churro, the Green Apple Churro, or even the Spicy Chile-Cheese Churro are available at Disney.

Another reason why fans love churros is because they are one of Disney’s more cost-effective snack options. When you are tackling Disney on a budget, every dollar counts and fans depend on snacks like churros for being quick, replenishing, and relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, the price of churros just got quite a bit more expensive.

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Fan Alleges That Disney Raises the Price of Churros by Nearly 10%

In a disappointing turn of events, it looks like Disney has raised the price of a regular churro to $5.5o. Guests at Disneyland Resort have been one of the first to report the news, saying;

“FYI, Churros are now $5.50.

I can only confirm the churro has gone up in price, as I didn’t buy anything else on my trip today.”

FYI, Churros are now $5.50
byu/pwrof3 inDisneyland

Previously, regular churros at this Park cost $5, making this a 10% increase. This price change does not come as a surprise to many fans, and Disney has certainly been known to increase prices every so often.

It is unclear whether or not these prices are reflective of Walt Disney World Resort as well.

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