Disney Drops One Last Surprise for Its 100th Anniversary

Topps Disney100 chrome trading cards
Credit: Disney

As the curtain falls on Disney’s monumental 100th-anniversary celebration, a lot of the fun has been coming to an end. However, Disney had another surprise up its sleeves for fans of unique collectibles.

Topps Disney cards

Credit: Disney

Topps Disney100 Chrome Trading Cards

Popular trading card company Topps has gifted Disney collectors a special last hurrah – the first-ever Disney100 Chrome Collection. Released on December 13, this limited edition trading card set features 100 base cards showcasing some of the most beloved and iconic characters in Disney’s storied history.

A spectacular array of merchandise, movies, and events has marked Disney’s centennial year. The company has released an adorable short called Once Upon a Studio (2023) featuring every classic Disney animated character. Furthermore, its Wish (2023) movie debuted in theaters last month.

However, with 2023 drawing to a close, Topps has crafted a fitting homage to the magic that has defined generations.

The collection spans the vast Disney universe, featuring characters from timeless classics to contemporary favorites. From Mickey Mouse, the beloved mascot who started it all, to Elsa from Frozen (2023) and the spirited Moana from Moana (2016), the Disney Chrome Collection captures the essence of the diverse and cherished characters that have made Disney an integral part of our lives.

card from disney 100 collection

Credit: Disney

Celebrating 100 Years of Disney

Topps, a company with a rich history in producing collectibles and trading cards, has once again demonstrated its ability to tap into the pulse of popular culture. This is the first time the company has collaborated with Disney to create a commemorative collection such as this.

The official site describes the set:

Celebrate 100 years of wonder with Disney 100 Chrome!

The premium collection includes 100 base cards, with parallels to chase of the most iconic characters in Disney history, including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen and Moana.

Also look out for special insert cards, including 1/1 “Platinum Characters” and “Mickey and Friends” cards, sequentially numbered to 23, plus dual autograph cards and quad autograph cards.

Furthermore, the company is selling a hobby box with 18 packs of cards, among several other unique items.

As we bid farewell to a milestone year for Disney, it’s nice to see the company offer many different options to celebrate Disney100. While some argue that Disney has had a rough year, no one can deny 100 years is a reason to be proud.

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  1. I don’t believe it’s fair to say…”it’s nice to see the company offer many different options to celebrate Disney100″ as stated above when this product is not available at all in the United States, and out of stock in the UK. l I live a short distance from Marceline, MO – the place where Walt spent his childhood, and this would be a very special addition to our collection. Can you tell us when this Topps Disney Chrome 100 collectible cards pack will be available for purchase in the US?

  2. When and where is the Disney Chrome 100 collectible cards available?

  3. You can buy then from cars breakers on whatnot