Top Reasons You’ll Love Frontera Cocina at Walt Disney World

More and more often, we are seeing restaurants open in Disney Springs sporting the name of a celebrity chef. While the idea of this does seem a bit tacky to some, we have yet to be disappointed by one of these celebrity chef eateries. In fact, we’ve quite enjoyed every one we’ve tried. Frontera Cocina by Rick Bayless is no exception to this rule. This tasty, modern Mexican food joint is a wonderful choice for anyone visiting Disney Springs, and we highly recommend it to anyone in the mood for tacos or tequila. Here are some great reasons we know you’ll love Fronter Cocina as much as we do.


1. Interesting Decor

For the most part, the design choices in this restaurant are minimalist and sleek. However, there are eye-catching details placed here and there throughout that really add to the place. The light fixtures, for instance, are quite interesting, as are the various pieces of tequila bottle decor found throughout the building. The pops of color keep things fun and add even more character to the dining area.

2. Plenty of Seating

In addition to interesting decor, you can also expect to find plenty of seating in this restaurant. This is awesome because it means shorter wait times and more available reservation slots. It also means big parties can be accomodated, something not all restaurants on Disney property can claim.

3. Open Kitchen

When looking around the dining area, you’ll likely notice right away that the designers went with an open-kitchen floor plan. This is something we really love. The open kitchen means you can see everything that goes on in the cooking area, and really get a feel for what the chefs are doing to create the lovely meals served here. The bustling atmosphere of the kitchen carries over into the dining room, and creates an energetic vibe that is sure to leave you feeling invigorated.

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4. Lovely View

Prefer to sit outside? You’ll be happy to learn that this eatery boasts a small patio. While the decor on the patio is quite simple, the view is wonderful. You see, this patio sits right next to the water. This feature is loved by many regulars, and if you enjoy watching the world go by as you dine, you’ll love it too!

5. Walk-Up Window

Besides a lovely view, you’ll also find a walk-up window out on the patio of this restaurant. This window allows those in search of a quick and easy meal to order tacos, which come out quickly but are still just as hot and delicious as they would come out had you taken a table. While the walk-up window menu is limited, this is definitely the way to go if you wish to eat on the fly.

6. Awesome Drinks

The mixed drinks at this eatery are both unusual and delicious. The restaurant worked in partnership with La Cava del Tequila to create their cocktail menu, and it definitely shows. The most popular and well-loved drink on the menu is the La Cava Avocado Margarita. This margarita actually includes avocado and is surprisingly delicious. That said, almost any mixed drink you choose is sure to be both interesting and tasty, making drinking at Frontera Cocina a super fun experience.

7. Yummy Eats

Of course, you can’t fill up on alcohol alone. Therefore, food will be in order. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from at this wonderful eatery. The menu here tends to change often. This is great because it means there’s always something new to try, and everything served here is worth trying. The fresh ingredients really make a difference, and the fact that there are gluten-free and vegan options is awesome.

8. Delicious Desserts

Finally there is dessert. No meal is complete without a good dessert, and Frontera Cocina doesn’t disappoint in this department. The Buñuelitos dessert is described as “crispy flour tortillas, cajeta caramel mousse, red wine drizzle with raw sugar & Mexican cinnamon, dark chocolate shavings, mezcal cranberries, roasted almonds.” Obviously, this is incredible, and could easily carry the entire dessert menu on its own. However, the Ancho Chile Chocolate Cake is somehow just as good, as is the Coconut Lime Cuatro Leches. Of course, you’ll want to pair whichever dessert you choose with a cup of Mexican Natural Coffee. This will offset the sweet and give you a boost of energy to finish your shopping.

Clearly, Fronter Cocina is one Disney Springs Restaurant you shouldn’t miss. Why not make your reservation right away to be sure you get in during your next trip to Disney World? You’ll be glad you did!

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