This Beloved Universal Attraction Is Down – How Long Will the Closure Last?

jurassic park river adventure
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Universal Orlando Resort is home to two fantastic theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

Typically, Jurassic Park offerings can only be found in Islands of Adventure. But 2023 is a big year for the original Steven Spielberg film, and an extra Jurassic Park offering can be found in Universal Studios: the Jurassic Park Tribute Store.

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The Jurassic Park Tribute Store is a temporary offering commemorating the film’s 30th anniversary and will open at the end of the month on May 26.

However, it seems that the Jurassic Park ride is having bad luck because the attraction reportedly closed unexpectedly today:

Anyone know why river adventure is listed as closed today? It’s not on the refurbishment schedule. Usually the attractions are “temporarily delayed” and I’m going tomorrow – not sure what this is about.
by u/molliemorgeous in UniversalOrlando

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According to the official Universal Orlando Resort app, Jurassic Park River Adventure is closed today. According to the Universal Orlando Resort app, Jurassic Park River Adventure is still closed.

It’s worth noting that the Jurassic Park ride isn’t currently scheduled for any maintenance or refurbishment, so this closure is unexpected and unusual.

jurassic park river adventure hadrosaur and trex

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

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While it’s not uncommon for attractions to experience temporary closures due to technical difficulties, Jurassic Park River Adventure being closed for hours now isn’t a great sign.

Not only that, but one Reddit user claims that the situation is worse than anyone predicted in a comment: “I saw earlier […] that there was some sort of mechanical issue, and they took the boats out and were draining the ride.”

islands of adventure jurassic park river adventure sign

Credit: Discover Universal

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An issue glaring enough to entail draining the water and removing boats is a bad sign. But unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

Stay tuned to Disney Dining as we keep an eye on the situation.

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