This Beloved Disney Princess Is About to Receive a Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

When you think Disney movies, the first thing you may think about is the lineup of Disney Princesses.

Nothing screams ‘fairytale’ like Disney’s classic princess movies, and many Disney fans have a favorite Disney Princess with the reasons why.

Some of the most popular Disney Princesses include Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tiana, and Mulan.

Credit: Disney

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Mulan is the titular character from Disney’s animated film Mulan (1998). This Disney Princess is unlike any other because she’s known for impersonating a man and joining the army, something no other Disney Princess has ever done.

Mulan is a wonderful symbol of feminism, as she works hard to achieve what she wants, proves that women are just as strong as men, and finds her perfect balance of masculinity and femininity. In short, Mulan is a fan-favorite because she’s so inspiring to us.

This is why we’re so excited to hear that the voice actress who brought her to life in the animated film, Ming-Na Wen, is finally receiving her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

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But Ming-Na Wen is special because she’s not just Princess Mulan, she’s actually been involved in multiple Disney projects!

In the live-action remake of Mulan, released in 2020, Ming-Na Wen has a cameo, appearing at the very end.

Credit: Marvel

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In Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D, Ming-Na Wen portrayed Melinda May, and in Disney Plus’s original show, The Mandalorian, she portrays master assassin and Boba Fett’s right hand, Fennec Shand.

By now, she’s a certified Disney legend who totally deserves this honor and recognition.

Credit: Disney+

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Ming-Na Wen will receive her star on May 30. If you’re interested in watching, check out the live stream on the Walk of Fame’s official website.

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