Things I Always Do During a Day in EPCOT

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EPCOT is my favorite Disney Park for a reason. The fun other worldly vibe of Future World coupled with the incredible culture and international flavors of World Showcase is my idea of a perfect theme park. This Disney fanatic has spent many a day in EPCOT and I relish the hidden corners, delicious food and fun attractions in this Park. If you are packedbooked and ready for a day at this awesome Walt Disney World Park, check out this list to learn about the things I always do during a day in EPCOT!

Rope Drop Dash

Water View


If you have read the guide on the things I always do during a day in the Magic Kingdom, you know about the “rope drop dash”. In short, arriving at Disney Parks prior to opening is one of the best ways to see more attractions and skip a long wait time for at least one attraction of your choice.

There are some awesome EPCOT rides to experience, so arriving at this theme park early is a great idea. Hitting some of the high-traffic Future World rides like Mission: Space, Test Track or Soarin’ Around the World is a great first step in the morning. You’ll beat the heat and have the best time experiencing these attractions. The first thing I always do during a day at EPCOT is rope drop dash a ride.

Mission Space

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My EPCOT rope drop go-to attraction is Soarin’ Around the World. This unmissable ride has wait times that can easily climb upwards of two hours, so knocking it out early is a time saver. Arrive half an hour or so prior to Park opening with a plan about which ride you hope to board first and an understanding of where the attraction is located (EPCOT is a huge Park, and detours cost precious time and steps). Walk directly to your first attraction to walk right on the ride or enjoy a short wait time of around ten minutes or less before boarding.

After your ride on Soarin’ Around the World, walk over to another of my favorites, Living With The Land, for another brief morning wait time. Test Track is another great rope drop dash ride choice in EPCOT.

Ride Soarin’ Around the World


Speaking of Soarin’ Around the World, this ride is so amazing that it earned a spot as something I always do during a day in EPCOT. It makes a great first ride of the day if you are looking to beat wait times. Honestly, though, this is one of the few Disney World attractions that I will endure long wait times for if need be — it’s just that good.

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Located near Garden Grill in The Land Pavilion, this ride is a key part of the Disney experience. An adaptation of the Soarin’ Over California ride originally located at Disney’s California Adventure, this is a crowd-pleaser. Soarin’ Around the World takes Guests across the Bavarian Alps, gives glimpses of elephants on the move in Serengeti National Park and the sparkling Eiffel Tower, among many other amazing sights. This round the globe journey ends at none other than EPCOT. Soarin’ Around the World is one of the most amazing rides at Walt Disney World, and you cannot miss it on your day in EPCOT!

Get the Feels on Spaceship Earth

It does not get more iconic EPCOT than a ride on Spaceship Earth. This attraction tells the story of human communication, taking Guests from the dawn of time to the present day. It even gives a glimpse into how the future may look.

spaceship earth and monorail

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Over the decades, Spaceship Earth has been sponsored by AT&T and later Siemens. Updates to this attraction reflect new technological advances that have been made in the last decade. The ride invites Guests to conjure up a dream future with technology that has yet to be invented that might help us connect and thrive even more in the future. This ride really does give Guests all the feels with the theme of human connection and innovation as the take-home message. A ride on Spaceship Earth is a must on a visit to EPCOT!

Share A Basket of Fish and Chips

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

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World Showcase is my favorite part of the Park. Regardless of if you choose to stroll from the Mexico Pavilion to the Canada Pavilion or you choose the reverse route, (we won’t judge) World Showcase is sure to be a highlight of your day. This section of the Park is best described as a world celebration, representing the culture of countries around the globe.

Obviously, the eats are a big part of what I love as a Walt Disney World foodie. The smell of Yorkshire County Fish Shop beckons to Guests touring World Showcase, no matter the time of day. I love the affordable price and delicious food served up at this quick-service eatery, so I will always indulge in an opportunity to share a basket of fish and chips from this eatery.

Fish & Chips


Beer battered fish and chips make this entrée a heavy eat, despite the serving size. The great news is that this entrée becomes a snack (and much more affordable) when split between two Guests. Better still, this is one that is easy to share at Disney World. You can easily snack on fish sticks and fries while you walk, or kick back at the edge of World Showcase Lagoon to enjoy the scenery while you snack.

Pro Tip: Did you know there is a second entrance to this Disney Park? It’s true, Guests staying at an EPCOT area Resort, like Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk Resort or Swan and Dolphin Resorts can easily enter EPCOT World Showcase via the International Gateway entrance at the back of the Park.

Sip a Violet Sake



Drinking around the world at EPCOT World Showcase is a popular pastime for Guests. From Mexico to Canada, World Showcase is full of delicious beverages to choose from. If I could only choose one cocktail to indulge in during a day at EPCOT, it would certainly be Japan’s Violet Sake.

In fact, snagging a Violet Sake is something I always do during a day in EPCOT. Sold at the Garden House stand in Japan, this cocktail is a great balance of fruity, fresh, sweet, and tart. It’s so satisfying you will not want to share, so be sure to purchase one to enjoy yourself. Take this beautiful violet-colored beverage to go and continue strolling World Showcase or kick back on a bench in the shade to cool off while you enjoy it.

Sniff Laila Perfume in Norway

The Fjording


Repeat visitors to EPCOT will likely admit there is something pretty special about the gift shop in the Norway pavilion. Namely, the iconic way it smells. That bright, citrusy, and light floral scent that you could likely pick out as “the EPCOT Norway smell” has a name, Laila — The Essence of Norway perfume. Laila perfume and other skincare and scent products by the line are sold at a cosmetics counter in The Puffin’s Roost gift shop.


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As silly as it sounds, this smell triggers a major core memory for me and brings me back to nostalgic childhood memories in the Park. For this reason, and because of all the cute merch. Available in this shop, dropping by The Puffin’s Roost to experience that Laila perfume scent is something I always do during a day at EPCOT.

Visiting Disney World with your family is sure to be a memorable experience you will recall fondly. Hopefully, these tips help you plan the absolute best time at EPCOT. From incredible EPCOT rides like Gran Fiesta Tour, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, and Mission Space to awesome shows like the American Adventure and Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival, there is so much to see at this Disney Park. If you have little ones, be sure to check out the Kidcot fun stop program, so your kids can craft and learn about the international culture in each country. Visit during an EPCOT festival to experience even more magic in this Disney Park. Happy Park hopping!

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