Rumor: Disney Purchases ‘The Sopranos’

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As The Walt Disney Company battles a rough year regarding box office performance and streaming failures, a rumor involving the hit series The Sopranos and Disney has emerged.

Social media has begun to talk about Disney purchasing The Sopranos IP and is planning multiple projects around it, including a sequel film and several series for Hulu. Let’s fact-check this claim.

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The Sopranos Series

While the rumor of The Sopranos and Disney seems a little ridiculous, there could be some reason why the company would seek intellectual properties with proven success as it navigates emerging challenges in its own lineup.

The Sopranos is an American television series that premiered on HBO on January 10, 1999 and concluded on June 10, 2007. Created by David Chase, the show is regarded as one of the greatest television series ever. It consists of six seasons with a total of 86 episodes.

The series revolves around Tony Soprano, played by James Gandolfini, a mob boss who balances the demands of running a criminal organization with the challenges of family life.

Tony seeks therapy to deal with the stress of his dual life, and this element of the show provides a unique psychological depth to the character and the narrative.

Key characters include Tony’s wife Carmela (played by Edie Falco), his children Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) and A.J. (Robert Iler), his uncle Junior (Dominic Chianese), and various members of his crime family, including Paulie Walnuts (Tony Sirico), Silvio Dante (Steven Van Zandt), and Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli).

The Sopranos received widespread critical acclaim for its complex characters, intricate storytelling, portrayal of the mob lifestyle, and impact on family dynamics.

It won numerous awards, including multiple Primetime Emmy Awards. The show is often credited with helping to usher in a new era of high-quality television dramas.

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The Sopranos and Disney

Some people may take issue with Disney purchasing The Sopranos IP, so it is important to fact-check this spreading rumor.

The Walt Disney Company has not bought The Sopranos. The news actually comes from a Reddit thread titled “Disney Purchased Sopranos IP.” The user details several pieces of information in the thread.

After destroying George Lucas’ intellectual property, Disney has moved to David Chase’s. Again the big studio swoops in after a prequel failed to ignite fans interest. Their plans were laid out for the brand by CEO Bob Iger in an investor call this morning. I’ll give you the broad strokes.

  1. A proper sequel, which will feature CGI renders of James Gandolfini, and Tony Sirico. The movie will also introduce a diverse cast of newcomers to the world of the Sopranos.

  2. Multiple streaming series to HULU. These shows along with other media will form an interconnected Sopranos multiverse. Get ready for shows that flesh out characters like Carmella’s Ubotz Uncle Lenny, and Fat Fucking Jerry Anastasia. A Ritchie Aprile prequel series starring Zac Efron has already been green lighted.

  3. A Sopranos clothing line will be sold in Disney stores and at select Disney Theme Parks.

  4. Finally, toys, and Sopranos merchandise will be on store shelves in time for Christmas 2025.

Disney Purchased Sopranos IP
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Notably, the thread lists multiple things Disney would do for the series that it has done for real franchises in the past that have angered fans. It lists using CGI versions of deceased actors, something the studio has utilized for Star Wars.

Of course, this stirred The Sopranos fandom into frustration. Many sought out information on the claim, and Disney has trended with The Sopranos as the rumor gained traction.

Interestingly, someone also jumped on the Disney AI poster trend to show what the characters of The Sopranos might look like in the studio’s animation quality.

The Sopranos on Disney+
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Nevertheless, this rumor has no basis in fact. The Sopranos is currently not slated for Disney+ either. However, the original series is available on Hulu, which Disney owns.

The internet can be an infinite source of information. Still, it can also spread baseless rumors with reckless abandon. Disney would make an official announcement if it acquired a prestigious IP like The Sopranos. Always take rumors like this with a grain of salt until otherwise.

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