The Clock Is Ticking for Bob Iger, Disney’s “Comeback King” CEO

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Is the once-adored Disney CEO losing his touch?

When it was announced in November of 2022 that Bob Iger would be returning to the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company, the Disney fandom rejoiced. After a rough two years under the prior CEO, Bob Chapek, fans were more than ready to welcome back Iger with open arms.

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Bob Iger: A Disney Legend

During his time as CEO, Bob Iger transformed the Walt Disney Company into a global powerhouse. He spearheaded the acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Entertainment, and Lucasfilm, bringing beloved franchises like Toy Story, Avengers, and Star Wars under the Disney umbrella.

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Under Iger’s leadership, Disney Parks experienced unprecedented growth and expansion. Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, saw the opening of new attractions such as Pandora – The World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Iger had an uncanny ability to communicant with the wants of Disney fans and quickly became one of the most beloved CEO in the company’s history.

Iger Saves the Day

In November of last year, Iger was pulled back into the CEO position after his successor, Bob Chapek, was immediately disposed of. Back at the helm, Iger was determined to turn the company’s financial situation around in two years, the amount of time that he was contracted for. So far, he has made some drastic changes to the Walt Disney Company, including terminating over 7,000 positions.

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Still, many fans are concerned that Iger will not be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done in two years. Now that he has been in power for nearly eight months, it is clearer than ever that there is a lot of work to be down.

As Disney’s stock continues to fall, the reality of the situation is coming to the public’s attention. Will Iger extend his two-year contract in order to “fix” the company? Or will Disney once again be passed on to a potentially catastrophic successor? These answers will likely reveal themselves in the next year.

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