The Best Plant-Based Quick Service Meals in EPCOT

Hummus Fries
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In recent years, the Walt Disney World Resort has made a shift towards offering a wide variety of dining options that include everything from indulgent and decadent options to healthy and well-balanced choices. With healthier options, the Walt Disney World Resort has also continued to develop a large selection of plant-based menu items that can be found throughout the entire property.

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Many dining locations at the Walt Disney World Resort feature at least one plant-based dining option, and the quick-service restaurants in EPCOT are no exception. With many different types of cuisine available to Guests thanks to the eleven pavilions of World Showcase, EPCOT is home to some flavorful and delicious plant-based quick service meals that Guests are sure to enjoy!

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Vegetable Korma

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Sunshine Seasons – Vegan Korma

Sunshine Seasons is a quick-service restaurant found on the lower level of The Land Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Nature. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Guests can choose from several delicious plant-based options including the Vegetable Korma which is a vegan take on a popular Indian dish. Sunshine Season’s version features plant-based chicken, cashews, and vegetables coated in sauce and spices and served with a side of white rice.

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Jackfruit Gyro

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Sunshine Seasons – Jackfruit Gyro

Sunshine Seasons is a great quick service option in EPCOT thanks to the combination of made-to-order items as well as a large selection of grab-and-go options. The Jackfruit Gyro is a grab-and-go cold sandwich that features plant-based pita bread filled with a decent portion of vegetables including cucumber, pickled onions, carrots, and more. The gyro also comes with a side of tzatziki for dipping and is perfect for enjoying on the go in EPCOT.

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Jumbo Pretzel

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Sommerfest – Jumbo Pretzel

The Germany Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase brings the charm and culture of a small town square in Germany to life through several shops and dining locations, including Sommerfest. This small quick-service counter location can be found in the rear of the pavilion and features a limited menu of options, including the plant-based Jumbo Pretzel. Large enough to share between several Guests, served warm, and lightly salted, the Jumbo Pretzel is amazing as a snack or meal while enjoying time in the Germany Pavilion.

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BBQ Jackfruit Burger

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Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue– BBQ Jackfruit Burger

A popular quick-service location in EPCOT’s World Showcase is Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue in the American Adventure Pavilion. Guests can indulge in barbecue styles from across the United States, with subtle Muppets theming for lunch and dinner each day. In addition to the main meat entrée options, Guests can also enjoy the plant-based BBQ Jackfruit Burger which tops garlic toast with a plant-based patty barbecue jackfruit, plant-based mayonnaise, and lettuce that comes served with Guests’ choice of one side.

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Hummus Fries

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Spice Road Table – House-made Hummus Fries

Over in the Morocco Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase, Guests can enjoy Spice Road Table, a quick-service location situated on the shores of Word Showcase Lagoon that combines beautiful water views with Moroccan architecture and Mediterranean cuisine. Guests who stop by the restaurant for lunch or dinner can enjoy the plant-based House-made Hummus Fries, which are rectangular bites with citrus chipotle and preserved lemon that feature an interesting texture and underlying heat that Guests are sure to love!

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Pomegranate Chili Crispy Cauliflower

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Spice Road Table – Pomegranate-Chili Crispy Cauliflower

Spice Road Table in the Morocco Pavilion is home to several plant-based options that Guests can enjoy, all of which pack some serious flavors. The Pomegranate-Chili Crispy Cauliflower features four perfectly breaded and fried pieces of cauliflower and pomegranate, served over a bed of red pepper Aleppo sauce. This small plant-based small plate is perfect for sharing, no Guests will want to thanks to its perfect combination of crispy and smooth textures and subtle spice offset by fruity undertones.

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Spice Road Table – Dolmas

Guests looking to enjoy even more plant-based options at Spice Road Table can enjoy a popular Mediterranean plate that has been modified to fit the dietary preference or restriction. Dolmas are traditional stuffed grape leaves that often feature some form of seafood, but Spice Road Table’s version is completely plant-based. Guests can enjoy a small plate of four grape leaves stuffed with rice and herbs and served with marinated olives and charred lemon for added texture and flavor.

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Choza de Margarita – Guacamole

A popular quick-service location in EPCOT’s World Showcase is Choza de Margarita in the Mexico Pavilion. Here, Guests love to indulge in an array of specialty margaritas and a limited menu of food options. Guests who are looking for a plant-based meal at Choza de Margarita can indulge in the fresh Guacamole which is smooth and creamy, topped with mango and pumpkin seeds, and served with a side of tortilla chips for dipping.

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The Land

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The Land Cart – Hummus with Pretzels

Just outside of The Land Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Nature is a small quick-service location where Guests can order up a variety of grab-and-go healthy snacks throughout each day in the Park. The Land Cart is a great option to enjoy, and Guests can order the plant-based Hummus with Pretzels, which features a snack-sized portion of pretzels with chilled and creamy hummus for dipping. This is a great snack to enjoy on the go while exploring EPCOT’s World Nature!

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Vegetable Plate

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The Land Cart – Vegetable Plate

The Land Cart additionally features a second plant-based option that is also a great item to enjoy while on the go in EPCOT. The Vegetable Plate is served cold and features a medley of broccoli florets, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes with a small container of dipping sauce. Guests can enjoy munching on this plant-based and healthy snack that also transports well thanks to it being served in a small container that seals.

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