The Best Perks of Visiting Walt Disney World Right Now

Credit: Disney

The Disney World parks have reopened and many people are left wondering whether they should visit right now. Fireworks, parades, and character meet-and-greets aren’t happening, and visitors are required to make reservations just to enter the parks. Is a visit even worthwhile?


In our opinion, the answer is yes, it can still be worthwhile. You see, even with the loss of certain elements of the Disney experience, there are a number of perks to visiting right now that help to keep the magic alive in this trying time. For some, these benefits even outweigh the downfalls to visiting now. Wondering what these perks might be? We’ve listed seven of our favorites below.

1. Low Crowd Levels

Because so few people are traveling right now, crowd levels are ridiculously low—lower than they’ve been in a very, very long time. Sure, these crowds may grow a little as more and more people begin traveling again. However, Disney has imposed restrictions on the number of people in each park at any given time, meaning crowd levels will remain relatively low even as people become more comfortable with the idea of visiting Disney World. What does this mean for you? It means you can walk down Main Street, U.S.A without dodging others. It also means shorter wait times for rides and food, and it means a more relaxing time overall.

Credit: Disney (Kent Phillips, Photographer)

2. Social Distancing

In addition to low crowd levels, you’ll also notice lots of social distancing efforts throughout the parks. These might seem strange at first, but they also help make things more relaxing by giving you a bit more elbow room and space to breathe. Rides now have spaced seating, meaning you won’t be seated next to a stranger, and your party might even have a whole ride car to themselves—an experience even the most frequent Disney-goers would rarely have before the pandemic. On top of that, restaurant seating is spaced, meaning a less noisy and more private dining experience, no matter where you decide to eat. Lastly, markings on the ground—plus the general efforts of fellow guests to maintain social distancing—mean you likely won’t be dealing with strollers running into your ankles or your neighbor invading your personal space.

Credit: Disney (Olga Thompson, photographer)

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3. New Character Experiences

Yes, it’s true that you can’t hug Mickey or have a private chat with a princess right now, and yes, this is unfortunate. That said, Disney has done a fantastic job providing new character experiences that allow for social distancing. Character cavalcades can be found in the streets of Magic Kingdom regularly throughout the day, giving you the opportunity to wave to a variety of characters, and mini character performances can be viewed at random times and locations throughout the parks. The best part? You can see these characters without waiting in line or standing on a crowded curb, leaving more time for other things while still allowing you to see those favorite smiling faces.

4. New Attractions

Of course, there are also the new attractions to help draw people in. The newest of these, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, opened just before the parks shut down in March, meaning many people have yet to experience it. On top of that, Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge is still pretty shiny and new, and features two fabulous attractions: Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and Rise of the Resistance. Toy Story Land is also relatively new and well worth seeing, as is the land of Pandora in Animal Kingdom.

Credit: Disney (David Roark, photographer)

5. Mobile Dine Check-In

Mobile Dine Check-In is a new addition that has streamlined the check-in process for those who have dining reservations. Simply check in using the Disney World app—no need to wait in a line or speak to a host! This saves time, keeps physical contact to a minimum, and makes everything that much easier.

Credit: Disney (Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater)

6. Hotel Discounts

Currently, Disney is offering some pretty steep discounts on their resort hotels for certain pools of people. These discounts might just be enough to make you jump on the opportunity for a cheaper-than-usual vacation. Passholders have access to the best discounts and can get up to 40% off, depending on the type of hotel they choose. That said, Florida residents can get up to 35% off, meaning those wishing to vacation close to home can also get an excellent deal.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort

7. Magical Escape

Finally, and most importantly, Disney World is providing people a much-needed magical escape right now. While some of our favorite bits and pieces of Disney World are missing, and while other things are simply different, the magic is still there. During uncertain times such as these, this magic is helping renew hope and joy in people.

Credit: Disney

There you have it, folks! 7 amazing reasons to go to Disney World right now in the midst of all of this weirdness and uncertainty. So go ahead, plan that Disney trip and get ready to escape for a while into a world of magic and happiness that might just be the medicine we all need!

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