Ten Things That Are Totally FREE at Walt Disney World!

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Officially, Walt Disney World Resort is the Most Magical Place on Earth. Unofficially, though, it may as well be the ‘Most Expensive Place on Earth.’

A Disney vacation is so expensive, it can feel at times as if you’re paying extra for every little added luxury, such as parking or the modern version of a Fast Pass, Genie+ and Lightning Lane options.

If you’re looking to save some money while visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, check out these free Disney perks!

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1. First and Foremost: Water

Water comes first on this list because it’s the single most important free Disney perk. The Florida heat is no joke, even for the locals who visit, and staying hydrated is the key to having an enjoyable and safe time while visiting Walt Disney World.

If you’re still paying for bottles of water, you’re doing it wrong! We’re not saying you have to fill up a reusable bottle from one of Disney’s infamous water fountains. Simply visit any quick-service location sporting a fountain drink machine and ask for a few cups of water, and they’ll be totally free!

2. First Aid

Like water, first aid is incredibly important. Even minor scrapes, blisters, bug bites, and other aches and pains can happen at Walt Disney World. Luckily, visiting a Disney park’s first aid station is totally free, and so are the single-use supplies.

Band-aids, over-the-counter pain relievers and bug bite ointments, and more can be found at these stations.

3. Celebration Pins

Celebration pins are some of the most iconic perks guests can take home for free! Simply visit Guest Relations, certain storefronts, and the front desk at any Walt Disney World Resort hotel and ask for a celebration pin.

There are a few different designs, such as a birthday pin, an anniversary pin, a first visit pin, a honeymoon pin, and a general celebration pin for all other occasions. Cast Members will personalize the pin, and it’ll turn into a totally unique souvenir you get to take home for free!

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4. Pirate’s Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas

A Pirate’s Adventure is an interactive treasure hunt that can be found in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland area. Simply visit the Crow’s Nest (located near the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction) and receive a treasure map full of missions.

Guests can either scan their MagicBand or their Disney card at different tap points, completing each mission and witnessing magical effects. After you’ve finished each mission, return to the Crow’s Nest for a collectible souvenir!

5. Wilderness Explorers Scavenger Hunt

Want to elevate your visit to Animal Kingdom? Give the Wilderness Explorers scavenger hunt a try!

This fun activity includes visiting different kiosks around the Disney Park, where Cast Members share fun animal facts and give out badges for completing each task.

7. Disney’s DuckTales World Showcase Adventure

Disney’s DuckTales World Showcase Adventure is an interactive game found in EPCOT, based entirely on Disney Plus (stylistically Disney+)’s DuckTales reboot. This game can be found on the Play Disney Parks App, and will give guests missions to complete around the World Showcase.

Play this game to see special effects in the Disney park that would otherwise remain hidden, and to experience more hidden perks!

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8. Kidcot Fun Stops

While in EPCOT, be sure to check out the Kidcot Fun Stops.

These are tables stationed in each World Showcase pavilion, in which the little ones can collect Ziploc ‘suitcase’ full of postcards, stickers, and fun facts about each country. Each table also hosts a quick little activity, and are sure to enrich the experience.

9. Club Cool

Before you leave EPCOT, there’s one last free perk you should check out: Club Cool, hosted by Coca-Cola.

Club Cool can be found in EPCOT’s World Celebration, and in this little Coca-Cola store, guests can try different soda pops from all around the world. Ever wanted to know what the most popular sodas taste like in other countries? You can find out here, for free!

10. Transportation

Lastly, Disney offers free transportation to and from all resort hotels and theme parks. Even if you’re not staying on property, you can still take advantage of these different transportation options to get from theme park to theme park.

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In short, Walt Disney World is beyond expensive, and if you want to save money any way you can, we don’t blame you. Hopefully, this list gives you a good idea of some of the free perks you can take advantage of while visiting a Disney park.

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