8 Things Money Can’t Buy In Walt Disney World

Although it often seems like your money is flying out of your wallet and into the Mouse’s hands when you are at Walt Disney World, there are some items and experiences that money just can’t buy. Of course there is no price tag on staying in the Cinderella Castle Suite, or being the Family of the Day who gets to open the park. There are also several food and drink items that Disney fans clamor for, and they just can’t be purchased within the Disney Bubble. I recently polled several Walt Disney World Vets for their list of what they wish they could buy at Disney.

8. Flavored Drinks like Vanilla Coke or Cherry 7-Up

Although some of the larger resort food courts offer these options, and you can get a flavored drink at some table service restaurants, many guests would like more options throughout the parks. Coke Freestyle machines are creating a lot more choices so maybe eventually those will takeover!

7. More Diet Drink Options

There is a world of diet and sugar free drinks out there, but currently the options are pretty well limited at Walt Disney World with unsweetened tea, light lemonade, and diet coke rounding out the selections at most places.

6. Gum!

Despite the tremendous amounts of candy sold at Walt Disney World each year, you cannot purchase a pack or a stick of gum on site. The reason? Cleanliness. You know how we all love the sparkling clean parks? Well gum is extremely difficult to clean up if it is deposited anywhere other than a trashcan, not to mention the irritation it would cause to fellow guests who might step in it. So, if you decide to bring your own gum to the parks, please deposit it into the “Waste” can.

5. Favorite or Regional Treats

This one really had a variety of responses from my Disney Vets. Anything from Fage brand Greek Yogurt to a favorite regional ice cream brand to a better variety of sugar free treats.

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4. Caffeine Free Products

This is a big one for me, but I didn’t realize how widespread the desire for caffeine free drinks is. The options right now are lemonade and Sprite. Oh how I long for a Caffeine Free Coke when visiting the world. Others bemoan the absence of Caffeine Free Diet Coke. A few more choices without caffeine would be appreciated, Disney.

3. Dr. Pepper

…and Diet Dr. Pepper, and Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper…

2. Mountain Dew

…and Diet Mountain Dew…

1. Pepsi

If your preferred contestant in the Cola Wars is Pepsi you will need to make other arrangements because you can’t buy it in Disney. The same thing goes for Mountain Dew or any other Pepsi products. Dr. Pepper is distributed by different brands depending on where you are located in the US, but it is not distributed to Walt Disney World. Herein lies a big complaint for lots of Disney fans—but it doesn’t look like Disney’s contract with Coca-Cola is going anywhere soon.

As you can see, most of the options are centered on beverage choices. Pepsi products, diet drinks, caffeine free drinks, flavored soft drinks the list goes on. Luckily, there are some options if you must have your fix.

• If you have a car you can plan a stop at a grocery store such as Publix or Wal-Mart to pick up the drink brands that you can’t buy on Disney property.

• If you don’t have a car, have it delivered. You can order some of these products, like Pepsi from an online retailer (Staples, Amazon, etc.) and have it delivered to your resort. Another option is to use a shopping service like Garden Grocer or WeGoShop to put together a grocery list online and have them deliver it to your resort.

• If you are staying at one of the Epcot resorts there is a Speedway located near the Boardwalk Resort. You could walk to purchase a 6 pack of Pepsi if you are really desperate.

So, just because you can’t buy it from Disney doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it at Disney, you just need to plan ahead.

What is the one thing that you crave at Walt Disney World that you just can’t buy?

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